WWD Report Card: ‘Emily in Paris,’ Mon Dieu!

Emily might be in Paris but she’s in fashion purgatory as well.

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Stella McCartney RTW Spring 2021

Even in her couture moment, she is consistent with the miniskirt and youthful silhouette. The getting-attacked-by-doves detailing might not be anyone’s first choice, but it provides a palette cleanser for the onslaught of patterns and colors she’s putting us through during the rest of the show.

This outfit is built all around the bundle of flowers she’s holding — and that’s why Pat Field is perfect for this project. The chiffon pleated dress with animal print and pink paneling shows a sexier and more adventurous side of Emily, but our heroine is never afraid of taking it to the next level and beyond — see the teal metallic leather jacket for reference. Quite frankly, we’re stunned.

This makes absolutely no sense. The romantic lace blouse gives it an ethereal vibe, but when you thought this was going to be smooth sailing, boom! You get an athletic floral mesh tank top with the number “7” on it, layered on top. And for an encore, why not go for an old lady printed fedora that was left behind on a cruise ship that docked in West Palm Beach? Sailing we are indeed! Bon voyage!

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