William is ‘especially close’ to one royal – makes him feel ‘relaxed’

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Prince William’s experience is certainly a unique one, having been faced with intense public scrutiny all his life in addition to his many royal duties. Who might he turn to for support during tough times? Body language expert Judi James made her claims to Express.co.uk.

With a life as unique as his, what kind of friend does the future King need?

Judi stated: “William’s current and future roles and royal destiny mean he desperately needs friends with empathy, who can understand his lifestyle and any restrictions or his need to occasionally blow off steam and be himself without stories getting back to the press.

“He also needs to be able to trust. His brother, friend and wingman Harry has incinerated their trust and William has always seemed to be a reflective, cautious man who learns from mistakes in the past.

“His royal friends will need to be people he can love and trust unconditionally and that difficult criteria is currently throwing up two key candidates.”

So who can the Prince rely on for support in tough times, who understands the trials and tribulations of his royal role?

According to Judi, William’s nine-year-old son George has become a rather friend-like figure as the father and son duo have bonded. She also suggested that Mike Tindall has been a great ally to Prince William, particularly in recent times.

“William has always seemed to be at his most relaxed when he spends family time at the Middleton’s and now the Tindalls seem to be supplying similar levels of family support,” Judi claimed.

“Mike’s bonds with William have always looked strong but as Mike and Zara have grown their family the two men have appeared especially close in a way that can look parental or sibling-led from Mike.”

Judi suggested that Mike might fill the void that William’s brother Harry may have left.

She said: “When Mike was in the jungle he showed so many traits that would be ideal for his role in William’s life.

“As well as his playful, fun side he is also calm, stoic and protective, meaning William can enjoy the kind of relaxed fun he used to share with Harry but from a man who seems to feel genuinely loyal and protective of his wife’s cousin.”

The pair have plenty in common, both used to living life under the royal spotlight.

What’s more, both Will and Mike are around the same age – 40 and 44 respectively – and both have young children growing up at the same time.

Will and Kate have three young children, Prince George, nine, Princess Charlotte, seven and Prince Louis, four.

Mike and Zara are the proud parents of Mia, Lena and Lucas Tindall, aged nine, four and one.

Mike has previously discussed his kids’ relationship with the Wales children on Good Morning Britain.

Speaking about Will and Kate, he said: “Our family growth has been quite intertwined with theirs.

“The kids are very close, which is great for the kids that they’re always going to have some cousins that they’re the same age as and can grow up with.”

Mike and Zara’s relationship timeline is also not too dissimilar from William’s and Kate’s in that they were married just four months after the now Prince and Princess of Wales.

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