Why 2pm on Friday is the best time to post on Instagram

Revealed: The EXACT time of the week to post a picture of your cocktail on Instagram to get the most ‘likes’ (and it’s all to do with that Friday feeling)

  • Instagram cocktail snaps receive the most ‘likes’ at 2pm on a Friday afternoon 
  • Experts believe this is because users are looking forward to a post-work drink
  • Tag ‘#pink’, ‘#neon’ and ‘#glutenfree’ if you want to further boost engagement 

Snaps of photogenic cocktails might dominate social media feeds, but there is a very specific time you should be posting if you want yours to stand out from the crowd. 

Images shared at 2pm on a Friday receive more ‘likes’ than those posted at any other time during the week, research shows.  

This is believed to be because it is the time when followers’ thoughts are turning towards the end of the day – and that first after-work drink. 

Cheers to that! Images shared at 2pm on a Friday receive more ‘likes’ than those posted at any other time during the week, research shows. Stock image

Those looking for an extra boost should share their images with ‘#pink’, ‘#neon’ and ‘#glutenfree’ as these received the largest amount of engagement. 

For the study, carried out by Google to mark the launch of the Pixel 3, social media experts analysed the 10,000 most engaging Instagram posts shared with ‘#cocktail’ from UK users to reveal what made them so popular. 

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And cocktails made with the ingredients lemon, elderflower and smoke will see you raking in the likes. 

Too good to resist! Instagram photos shared with ‘#pink’, ‘#neon’ and ‘#glutenfree’ prompted the biggest response. Stock image

Perhaps unsurprisingly, gin emerged as the most popular alcohol. Some 43 per cent of the top 10,000 posts tagged #gin – almost double the number of #whiskey and seven times more than #rum. 

As we head into the festive party season, it is likely you will see a surge in the number of mixology masterpieces on your feeds. 

Online searches for ‘cocktail recipes’ twice as high in December 2017 compared with the rest of the year. 

Winning combination! The Not Pink Drink, pictured, was created by The Amateur Mixologist

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