Whisper: Parents reveal what they found in children’s belongings

‘My daughter tried to kill herself because of a boy’: Parents reveal the shocking secrets they discovered after snooping through their children’s belongings

  • Parents shared the results of snooping through their children’s belongings 
  • Many discovered signs of depression and that their teens are sexually active
  • In one account a daughter’s phone was confiscated for having naked photos

Many parents are tempted to snoop through their children’s belongings in order to find out if they’re hiding any secrets. 

However for these parents who read diaries and searched through phones, the findings were less than pleasing.

In a thread shared on anonymous confessional app Whisper, contributors from around the world revealed the shocking discoveries they made after going through their child’s belongings. 

Shockingly, a number of parents told how they found nude photographs of their child – while others discovered evidence of their offspring battling depression.

One parent was able to help her daughter’s friend get the help she needs after spotting a battle with suicidal feelings expressed in their phone conversations. 

Parents from around the world shared what they found after searching through their child’s belongings. One person discovered dirty pictures sent between their son and his girlfriend 

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A parent who discovered her daughter had met up with a 30-year-old man ensured the man was punished with prison time 

One parent was stunned to find out that her daughter had attempted suicide four times because of a boy 

Another parent found out their 13-year-old son is bisexual after finding messages with him speaking about his sexuality on his phone 

One parent decided to start using a tracking app to keep check of where their daughter spends her time on the weekends

Another parent felt torn over how to help her daughter overcome depression without revealing that she searched through her phone 

A mother who attempted to make a voice activated call from her teen daughter’s phone was left speechless after ‘daddy’ called someone other than her husband 

Another mother was unsure what to do next after discovering her eight-year-old daughter’s hatred for her step father 

Other parents also found that their children had feelings of hate towards them 

One parent confiscated her teen daughter’s phone for four years after finding nude photographs of a 40-year-old man 

Another parent was horrified to discover her 13-year-old daughter has begun sexual activity 

A parent who went through their daughter’s phone was concerned to find a flood of nude photos

One parent was pleased with their decision to snoop through their daughter’s devices after she discovered her friend needed help with suicidal feelings 

Another parent was disgusted to find porn on their 16-year-old son’s phone 

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