What's Going on With Melania Trump's Hair Color?

So, is she or isn’t she a blonde now? 

That’s the question plaguing those keeping a watchful eye First Lady Melania Trump following her appearance on Fox News last week. Sitting across from Sean Hannity, FLOTUS was nearly unrecognizable with brighter, blonder tresses. (Not surprisingly, Twitter noticed, and had some thoughts about it.) 

But then by Saturday, she stepped out looking like the brunette we’d always known her to be, leaving us to wonder, what exactly is going on? 

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To recap her hair color journey, here she is in July of this year, with definitively brunette locks. 

Melania Trump Press Conference

By November (photographed here at the annual White House Turkey Pardon), the slight transition to a lighter hue was noticeable. 

A couple weeks later, just in time for the holidays, her hair looked even brighter. So much so, that Vanity Fair wrote the headline, “Is Melania Trump Getting Blonder or Is That Just the Light?”

By the time she appeared on Fox News last week, however, the transformation to a new, honey blonde hue was undeniable. 

But on Saturday, Melania showed up at the Congressional Ball with a toned down version of the color, prompting outlets to declare that she had reverted back to her brunette ways. 

So, what’s going on here? Was she ever blonde? Was it just a trick of the too-bright Fox News lights? Celebrity colorist Kyle White of Oscar Blandi salon might have an idea. 

“This looks like a golden gloss,” White said. “A gloss’s main purpose is shine, but it can also add tone and depth. It’s a quick 5 min. process that is not only a quick fix for faded color, but also contains emollients and moisturizers that produce ridiculous shine.”

Given that the process is just 5 minutes in length, Melania may have simply added a gloss and called it a day after seeing how blonde her locks looked on TV last week. We doubt we’ll ever know for sure, as the First Lady isn’t interested in talking about her style. 

Maybe she’s saving her (beauty) secrets for another tell-all White House memoir? 

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