What is the scariest unexplainable thing that ever happened to you?

People share spine-chilling accounts of supernatural experiences – including a ghost passenger and being patted on the head by an invisible figure who ran around the house at 3am

  • People share ‘real’ examples of unexplainable events that happened to them
  • Some of the alleged incidents include ghost ships and a spooky office chair
  • Another tale involved a set of missing tarot cards that mysteriously turned up

Even if you’re a cynic about the paranormal, sometimes we all have experiences that can’t be easily explained, and now people have revealed the most spine-chilling ocurrences which they just can’t rationalise. 

Taking to a thread on the Q&A site Quora, people from around the world revealed the disturbing ‘supernatural’ occurrences that continue to haunt them to this day.

Stories including an out-of-body experience, a mysterious ‘ghost’ passenger and supernatural sounds being heard in an empty bedroom were all shared in the thread. 

A number of scary stories were shared on a Quora thread, all of which have remained unexplained to this day (stock image)

One contributor, Dante Wong, posted a story about her experience starting a placement in Singapore with her job.

Dante explained how she was set to undertake three months of work at her company’s Singapore office and had initially met with the Director when she arrived.

A colleague, who Dante said had been working in the office longer than anyone else, had warned her against sitting in the director’s chair – but wouldn’t say why. 

Despite the warning, Dante claims she wanted to see why the chair was so special and one night, when she was working in the office alone, she claims she went and sat in the chair.


Dante claims that after sitting in the chair she felt her head go heavy, as if 5Kg of food had been stuffed into her mouth and she ended up lying on a sofa for around 20 minutes recovering

After a few moments of normality, Dante alleges that her head started to grow heavy so she stumbled away from the chair and onto a sofa.   

‘It was as if I had stuffed 5kgs’ worth of food into my mouth at some cheap All-you-can-eat buffet and now I was paying the price,’ she said. ‘I felt dizzy and wanted nothing more than to lie down, somewhere, anywhere.

‘My every movement was sluggish. It was as if someone had moved me, the real me, the thinking me, high up above, perhaps to another dimension, and I could see everything that was happening to my body, but I had somehow been disconnected from the controls, and someone else was controlling my movements remotely.’ 

She claims she had remained in that state for around 15 to 20 minutes before recovering.

Dante ended her story by claiming she thought she had seen her boss grinning in her direction the day after, as if he had known she had sat in his chair. 

Another person, recounted the three different times she had been asked to look after a house for the family of her boyfriend at the time.

Alanna Foreman describes how she had been allowed to invite friends over to keep her company while she looked after the house.

However, after initially feeling like she was being watched in the empty house, she then felt something brush the top of her head.

Alanna Foreman agreed to watch over the house belonging to the family of her then boyfriend as a favour, but it quickly became a mistake after she felt a ghostly figure brush her head and hearing loud footsteps running around in the house at 3am

Then, when asked to housesit once again, she invited another friend round, who immediately felt something was wrong about the house and claimed that  there were three entities wandering the house – including the father of Alanna’s boyfriend who had died four years earlier.

On a third occasion, Alanna claims that she heard footsteps running around and making a lot of noise at 3am, but that it all died away at 3:01am. 

A woman called Cherisse Goldwich claims that she stumbled across a ghost ship while on a trip when she was younger.

Writing on the thread she described going on a trip with her family to an island called Batam from Singapore.


As Cherisse Goldwich looked out of the window of her ferry she noticed what appeared to be an old fashioned wooden ship with large sails firing cannon balls

After the boat she was on set off her family fell asleep, but she claims she stayed awake and spied something peculiar out of the window. 

She said: ‘From the corner of my eye, I saw something moving towards us. It was another boat, but not just any other boat. It was massive, with a large flag and a giant steering wheel. 

‘Although I had never seen anything like it in real life, it was clear to me that it was a pirate ship. All of a sudden, it started shooting. 

‘Fiery bullets shot out of small cannons propped up in front of the steering wheel.’

One woman on the thread described how her great aunt’s tarot cards mysteriously turned up in her bed after her relative had passed away.

Kay Ajxaa said in her post that her great aunt died at the end of 2018 but that her tarot cards, which she loved, were nowhere to be found.

She said: ‘My grandma moved in to her house to clean up and go through her things, and searched high and low for them but she couldn’t find them anywhere. 

‘I moved into that house temporarily in January to help my grandma clean and go through my aunt’s belongings. 

Kay Ajxaa described how a box of tarot cards went missing after her great aunt died but mysteriously appeared one day while moving furniture around

‘She insisted that once she found the cards they would be mine, she just felt that that was something June would’ve wanted me to have.’

Kay and her grandmother had been rearranging her bedroom one day when the pair stepped outside for a break.

When she returned to the room, Kay claims that the box of tarot cards was tucked neatly into the frame of the box spring for her bed.

‘I am 100% positive they were not there before, and we were the only two people in the house.’

Suzannae AnTonie claims she gave a ride to a ghostly woman carrying a brown bag who she dropped off at the end of a dark road. After trying to follow her she could not find any trace of the woman 

Suzannae AnTonie described how her chilling tale involved a mysterious phantom passenger.

She was driving home from her sister’s house one night when she came across a woman carrying a brown bag.

The woman claimed she had been walking all day because nobody had stopped to offer her a lift.

She drove her to a side road that ‘seemed darker than the night’ and the woman got out of the car.

Within a few seconds she had disappeared and Suzannae couldn’t find any trace of her along the road, even after driving down it to try and follow the woman.

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