What does the pandemic mean for the future of friendships?

Written by Emily Evans

Lockdown gave us the space to re-evaluate many things – and friendships were a biggie. Author and podcaster Elizabeth Day is joining us at Stylist Conversations to explore what the past 18 months means for our friendships. 

It should come as no surprise that we are obsessed with Elizabeth Day. The award-winning author knows exactly how to voice how we’re all feeling; from reframing the way we view failure to sharing her experience of miscarriage in a bid to help others feel less alone.

And, after religiously listening to every How To Fail episode and devouring her latest novel, Magpie, we couldn’t be happier to have Elizabeth Day joining us for our new in-person event, Stylist Conversations in partnership with Whitley Neill. On Sunday 7 November, she’ll be taking to the stage at The Londoner to dive into the world of friendships – the good, the bad, and the complicated.

Thankfully, following months of pandemic restrictions, summer gave us the opportunity to reconnect and celebrate freedom with friends. However, over lockdowns, tiers and travel restrictions, many of us are facing the reality that the past 18 months have had a lasting impact on some our closest relationships. And, while we all have certain friendships that can survive months of silence, others need nourishment and attention which, as a result of Covid, have been left starving.

If, like us, you can’t get enough of Day’s thoughtful insight from her podcast and books, join us on Sunday 7 November as we explore what to do if your friendships are no longer serving you, how to enjoy deeper relationships, and how we can nourish our friendships whatever the world throws at us.

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