Virgo love horoscope: 2021 relationship prediction and compatible signs to ‘keep around’

Eamonn Holmes discovers his star sign has changed

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Virgo represents those born between August 23 and September 22. Virgos are kind, practical and secure, but what about love and relationships? These are the best matches for a star sign Virgo.

2021 is a very positive year for Virgos and the time to take all the opportunities that life, love, and business present.

The key dates this year are May 26, June 10 and November 19 when a partial lunar eclipse is due.

Virgos should keep an eye on these specific dates as they will be a very favourable time for them.

They are known to be picky and to have high expectations in relationships, but they are also helpful and attentive partners.

Astrologer Marissa Leigh Jackson explained: “Much more than just critical fussbudgets, Virgos are flawless in their efficiency in and execution of the simplest to grandest of tasks.

“Virgos take a lot of heat, but they can handle it. They will listen to your random rants and always remember your coffee order. Keep them around,” she told Bustle.

But what are the most compatible signs?

The star signs most compatible with Virgo are the earth signs Taurus and Capricorn, as well as water Cancer and Scorpio.


For those who are single, predicts a very exciting month and a very favourable period for single Virgos.

“Your month begins with an earth trine between romantic Venus and unpredictable Uranus, creating some interesting changes in your love life.

“Your ruling planet Mercury exits fiery Leo on the eleventh and moves comfortably into your careful sign, so you’ll be cautious when it comes to posting things about your love life on social media.

“The brilliant sun also illuminates your sign, starting on August 22, forecasting good things to come.

“Look at the details now instead of focusing on the big picture. It’s easy to see small improvements when you aren’t putting pressure on yourself about the future,” the horoscope website explained.

For those Virgos who are already in a relationship, said:

“There’s an easygoing Venus-Uranus earth trine on August 3 that can help get your month started on the right foot.

“This patient energy shows you that there are good things to come, but they might not happen as quickly as your partner wants them to, and that’s okay. Experiment at your own pace.

“The eleventh sees your ruler Mercury leaving Leo’s dramatic side to partner with your practical sign, so communication is effective and efficient for the next couple weeks.

“You say what you have to say, but the rest of the time you’re content to play the strong, silent type.

The horoscope website continued: “The sun leaves Leo for your sign on August 22, which leaves you feeling confident and comfortable with yourself and your romantic choices.

“You don’t pretend to be the most exciting lover, but your attention to detail is extremely satisfying.”

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