Virgo bad traits: What are the bad traits of Virgo

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Your star sign is determined by the position of the Sun at the time of your birth, and which sign it’s in the sky determines what you’re about. This means each sign has a range of traits common to people born under it– the good and the bad. What are the bad traits of Virgo?

Your sun sign, also known as your star sign, determines your sense of identity, what you consider important, your goals, and your purpose.

It’s tricky to pinpoint exactly what your sun sign reveals about you, as astrologers have different definitions.

Some say your star sign tells you about your ego and who you think you are.

Where the planets were at the time of your birth also reveal bits of information about who you are, so if you feel you don’t identify with your sign completely you should look into the rest of your birth chart.

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What is Virgo’s symbol?

Virgo often gets labelled as the ‘neat-freak’ of the zodiac, but this isn’t necessarily true.

Virgo is symbolised by the Maiden or Virgin carrying a shaft of corn.

This makes sense not only because Virgo season is the time of harvest in the West, but because it shows Virgo’s main trait.

The idea of sorting and harvesting corn, according to author of The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook, Sue Tompkin, could show Virgo’s “prime concern with sorting out the wheat from the chaff.”

In short, Virgo is great at eliminating what isn’t useful, writing lists, and prioritising what needs to be done now and what can be left for later.

What are the bad traits of Virgo?


Virgo’s ability to prioritise and sift through what really matters can be a great life skill, but it could also be a negative trait.

Virgo can be extremely critical and may find themselves over-analysing things they don’t need to.

They strive for perfection in everything, but this can cause Virgo to be focussed on tiny flaws.

Being obsessed with perfection can mean Virgo misses out on all the fun and beauty in the world.

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Virgo can find it very difficult to make a decision.

Virgo is always worried that something is going to go wrong or things will be made worse if they make the wrong decision.

This anxiety about wanting everything their way means Virgo may be quite stuck in their ways.

Virgo may not like surprises or doing something spontaneously– they like planning and goals.


Virgo is very self-critical, the opposite to the sign that comes before it in the zodiac– Leo.

They are humble, discreet, kind, and understated.

These might be considered great traits, but it also means Virgo may prefer to serve rather than be the centre of attention.

Virgo may slip into the background of a social scenario and have trouble expressing themselves.

This can be a bad thing in the workplace, since a Virgo might be less likely to take on an authoritative role or they might be overshadowed by someone more extroverted.


The first trait people jump to when they hear the word ‘Virgo’ is tidiness… but Virgo may actually be very untidy.

Virgo is so focussed on being practical and getting the important things done that they may neglect housekeeping and looking after themselves.

Virgo understands that they need to prioritise what really matters… and often that is NOT hoovering the carpet or cleaning the windows.

Virgo is more likely to be concerned with cleanliness than tidiness.

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