‘Vanderpump’ Season 7 Features Yet ANOTHER Cheating Scandal

Spoilers ahead for Vanderpump Rules Season 7, Episode 2. James Kennedy has weathered his fair share of cheating allegations on Vanderpump Rules, and Season 7 is proving no different. On the Dec. 10 episode, yet another woman comes forward to accuse the SUR busser turned DJ of cheating with her, and James’ girlfriend Raquel yet again takes his side — or so it seems. Filming for Season 7 ended a while ago, so perhaps things are different now. Maybe James and Raquel aren’t together on Vanderpump Rules.

Let’s travel way back in time, back to… oh, I don’t know, 2016? James has always been a magnet for drama, but he’s also always been followed by cheating rumors. From dating Kristen to dating Raquel, it’s always been a thing. Kristen caught him cheating by way of an Uber receipt, and a host of women have shown up at SUR to give James back his clothes or show him a picture they took when he was sleeping post-coitus. The newest rumor, courtesy of Kristen and her friend Hope, is that while Hope, Raquel, and James were all at Coachella, James and Hope hooked up while Raquel was asleep, mere feet away. And Hope claims this wasn’t just a one-time detail; according to her, she and James have been hooking up for two years (it’s unclear why she’s finally speaking up about it now).

James denies all of it, chalking it up to people just being jealous. In James’ world, there is apparently a very long list of women jealous of his relationship. Tom Sandoval seems pretty unconvinced that so many women have come forward and not a single one is telling the truth, but despite the repeated accusations, Raquel has stuck by her man (for better or worse, depending on how much you trust James Kennedy). Now, it seems, she’s continuing to do so, because if their Instagram posts are any indication, it seems like James and Raquel are still very much together.

The two look happy enough, so either the rumors haven’t gotten them down, or they’ve been able to move past any alleged transgressions. What happens between two consenting adults is their business, though that hasn’t stopped Raquel from seeming to push back against her haters via subtweet.

By all appearances, Raquel and James are still together, and at this point, Kristen and the rest of the SUR gang should just leave them be. Kristen is like a dog with a bone sometimes, but her constant attempted takedowns of James never work. He, like Jax, is Teflon-coated. If Kristen really wants to get back at him, she’d be better off doing what would hurt him most: ignoring him.

So, let’s resign to the fact that these two are going to be together no matter the circumstances, and not waste our breath speculating about what did or did not happen. Let them live together in their two-bedroom studio apartment (whatever that means), and if they’re happy, so be it!

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