Urge to merge! Celebrity couples who look like each other

Urge to merge! From Rebel Wilson to Kourtney Kardashian and the Biebers, the celebrity couples paying each other the ultimate compliment – by mirroring their looks

  • Loved-up celebrities like Rebel Wilson are embracing the trend more and more
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It’s the ultimate compliment, mirroring your partner’s look – and loved-up celebrities are now embracing the trend more and more.

Proving they’re ‘couple goals’, newly engaged pair Rebel Wilson, 43, and her clothing designer love, Ramona Agruma, 37, not only wear similar styles – but they’ve even been snapped sporting exactly the same look.

Photographed at their engagement in Disneyland, California, in February 2023, the duo wore matching pink and white striped jumpers.

And they’re not the only famous pairings preferring to dress similar to one another, with Kourtney Kardashian embracing a more gothic style since her marriage to Blink-182 rocker Travis Barker.

The 43-year-old American TV personality has gone from feminine outfits in bright colours and clashing prints, to gothic, grunge garments in dark hues.

Rebel Wilson has found her style since she started dating her fiancée Ramona Agruma, pictured right last February in a post announcing their engagement 

Fashion expert Samantha Harman previously told FEMAIL that it’s normal for a person’s style to evolve when they meet a new partner, explaining: ‘Dressing in a way that matches your partner can happen subconsciously.’

‘It’s a way of putting on a united front, or showing that we fit with them. We may not even recognise how our style is evolving with every new relationship we have.

‘Only seven per cent of our communication is language – the rest is physiology, and when couples match and mirror one another, they gain rapport, which strengthens their bond and makes them feel closer.’

The personal stylist added: ‘Our sense of style can change over time as we evolve as people – whether we have a partner or not. But in a healthy relationship, the person you’re with brings out the best in you.

‘So, it may be that some celebrities’ style has evolved in their relationships, because their partner makes them feel accepted no matter what they wear, and therefore they feel confident to try something new or evolve in their style.’

Since her whirlwind romance with Travis began in December 2020, Kourtney’s fashion sense has arguably completely changed.

Five years ago, she wasn’t afraid of wearing pink dresses on the red carpet, and was often seen in bright hues and printed garments – but fast forward to more recent times, and Kourtney’s staples include leather, gothic lace and rock band t-shirts

But the TV personality isn’t the only celebrity to change her look after meeting someone new. 

Before she met Travis, Kourtney liked bright, flowy dresses for events (pictured left in 2012). Since she’s started dating the musician, Kourtney has donned a more rock n roll style (pictured at the Academy Awards on Sunday, right)

In 2013, Sophie had a much more classic look on the red carpet, left. But with her husband Joe Jonas, she has dabbled in the art of fashion more

Billie Eilish has always owned her particular style, left, and she’s got her boyfriend Jesse Rutherford to match with her looks at events (pictured right last November)

Hollywood star Kristen Stewart has come a long way both career and fashion-wise since being hurled into the spotlight in the 2000s.

The actress began to change her look in 2014 when she broke up with Twilight co-actor Robert Pattinson and started dating a woman for the first time – her assistant at the time Alicia Cargile.

Since then, Kirsten has dated singer Soko and musician St Vincent, during which her more masculine look continued to evolve.

Before Alicia, Kirsten’s wardrobe was seemingly more girlish and bright, and the actress chose to wear eye-catching dresses on the red carpet.

Her look began to adapt to be more grunge, as she was seen in ripped denim, baggy jumpers, and leather shorts. The actress started wearing short suits on the red carpet and cut her long brunette locks short.

Today, Kristen is engaged to screenwriter Dylan Meyer, and continues to channel the style she started to adopt during her relationship with Alicia – but her hair is long once again.

At the start of her career, Kristen Stewart rocked feminine mini dresses, pictured left in 2011. Now she likes to wear matching fabrics with her fiancée Dylan Meyer, right 

Hailey Bieber has been turning heads since becoming one of the 2020s big names in fashion. With her husband Justin, she dons more casual get-ups 

Ben Affleck arguably looked a bit scruffy before he started dating JLo again, left in 2020. Pictured together in August 2021 after resuming their love story 

Other stars who have also adopted their partners style include Hailey Bieber, who has opted for a grungier style since marrying Justin, and Sophie Turner, who has taken on a more adventurous fashion sense since meeting Joe Jonas. 

While model Hailey Beiber hasn’t completely abandoned her polished style, she tends to look more put together for solo outings, but mimics her husband Justin’s more grunge style when they’re together. 

Celebrity stylist Rochelle White previously told Femail that the couple (dubbed as Jailey by their loyal fans) most likely wear similar outfits when together to present a ‘united front’ and illustrate the ‘Bieber brand’.

Rochelle said: ‘I would say that Hailey mirrors Justin’s style when they are together, because they just have an unspoken bond and similar fashion prowess.

‘As a couple, I think that they know they are a “brand”, The Bieber brand, and people take inspiration from their fashion choices.

‘They aren’t like most couples that want to make a statement and look a certain way when being seen out and about and that low-key, casual feel, appeals to many.’

The stylist added that Hailey likes to ‘mix up’ her fashion and keep it feeling fresh, while using it to ‘express how she feels and what she might be doing’.

‘When she is with her husband Justin, she dresses in a more fun and relaxed manner,’ said Rochelle. ‘They have a very chilled relationship from what we see on social media and their couple-dressing reflects that.’ 

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