UK heatwave: The six top tips that will help keep your house cool as temperatures rocket to 35C leaving Brits sweating

THE UK's heatwave is expected to continue this week, with temperatures spiralling to an incredible 35C.

So for perspiring Brits battling to keep their cool as the mercury rockets, here are six top tips to help you cope in the heat…

That Property Guy on TikTok has told his 295,000 followers about these "easy ways to cool down":

1. Get rid of the duvet

Remove your bedding, place it in a bag, and – assuming you have space – cool your sheets etc down in the freezer just before going to bed.

The expert advises that it "sounds a bit wacky but it cools your bedding right down and it's really good if you struggle to get to sleep".

2. Swap to LED bulbs

Halogen light bulbs create heat, so try and change them to LED if you can.

The added benefit is that they use less energy as well, saving money.

3. Shut windows, blinds and curtains during the day

This helps to keep the heat outside and trap cooler air.

4. Circulate cooler air inside the house

Fill up bowls with water and ice, place them around the house to cool it down – especially if you put them in front of fans.

If you have to open windows, open a couple at opposite sides of the house to boost air flow.

This creates a through-draft.

Open loft windows too.

5. Use ovens as little as possible.

Ovens create heat in the home.

Better still, try to do your cooking outside by using your BBQ.

6. Turn off major appliances when you're not using them

This includes switching off your TV!

The Property guy says: "It might stop you getting hot and flustered, and appliances generate heat as well."

The Met Office expected the mercury to hit 32C (89.6F) in London on Sunday, making it the hottest day of 2021 so far in the UK.

It confirmed this afternoon: "It is the hottest day of the year so far for both Wales and England, with both countries recording temperatures in excess of 30 Celsius."

But this temperature could be beaten again in coming days, with up to 35C expected in some areas this week.

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