Tracy Beaker child actors are still best friends 16 years on from CBBC show – and they look completely different

If you grew up in Britain in the early noughties then you'll have undoubtedly been tuning in to The Story of Tracy Beaker on CBBC on a regular basis.

Between the years of 2002 and 2006 we were entertained by the adventures of Tracy Beaker, played by Dani Harmer, who lived in a care home known lovingly as The Dumping Ground.

The children's TV series ran for an impressive five seasons, before multiple reboots and spinoffs were created in the following years.

Over its five-year run, we met over 50 characters who arrived, stayed and left the Dumping Ground, with the likes of Elaine the Pain, Bouncer, Lol, the Wellard siblings and of course, Justine Littlewood all leaving a stamp on our childhoods.

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It's been over 15 years since the show came to an end, but many of the show's cast are still in the TV industry, though some have moved on to entirely different careers.

Holly Gibbs is now 24 years old and was only seven years old when she played the character of Milly on The Story of Tracy Beaker.

Back in 2005, she was cast as the mute character and was a series regular for season five.

The youngster was known for not speaking at all, but she was also the best friend of Marco Maloney, a series regular from season three onwards.

Marco, played by Jack Edwards, was famed for his love of make-believe and was always dressing up in the most hilarious outfits, something Milly quickly latched onto on the show.

Now, the child actors have reunited on TikTok, and have stunned fans of the old CBBC show, who are by now grown adults.

Both Holly and Marco took to the social media platform to create a number of different videos, including a short video series called 'From Early', in which Holly interviews child actors like herself.

Jack, who hails from Swansea, kicked off the video, introducing himself as his character: "Hi guys, it's Marco, and this is my friend Milly…"

Holly hilariously stayed quiet, to which Jack replied: "… Who is still a mute, waited sixteen years for this and she won't say anything!"

The video then cut from the pair laughing to Holly getting into the questions, asking Jack how old he was when the show finished.

Jack confirmed that he was 11 years old when it finished, and he started when he was only nine years old.

He revealed that the casting agents for Tracy Beaker had been going around different drama schools in the area (the BBC show was filmed predominantly in and around Cardiff), and that he very nearly missed the chance to audition.

"I got to the second round of auditions, walked in and they asked me 'can you be a dog?' so I spent five minutes just pretending to be a dog, licking the producers' feet!

"I read no lines, got recalled, then I did a screen test and I just remember getting the call and the rest is history!"

The video attracted hundreds of thousands of views, with endless comments from fans of the show.

"OMG AS IF", commented one, as another said: "This is the content we neeeeed!!!"

Another video posted by the pair, where they mime to an audio of Megan Thee Stalion, has attracted over 87K likes, 688K views, and thousands of comments.

One reminded the other commenters that whilst Marco and Milly formed a solid friendship at the dumping ground, they'd also become siblings at the end.

"Marco and Milly became brother and sister when they were fostered, so you two are siblings!" they said.

More excited comments read: "Sorry, wait, it's been 16 years???", "16 years? I feel old", and "SCARY MILLIE!! I loved you"

Many called for a reunion of the whole cast, which we can totally get on-board with.

"Omfg we need a whole reunion" wrote one user, and Holly teased this could be on the cards as she replied saying "it's comingggg".

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