Top 40 toys every child should own – including Lego, Monopoly, and marbles

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However, the top toy as voted for by more than half of adults is Lego – while 49 percent think every child should have a bike, and 47 percent a teddy bear.

Something as simple as a football, doll or science set can really aid a child in learning more about the world, themselves and the people around them

Dan McKay, BargainMax spokesman

Adults also believe toys such as puzzles, building blocks, a football and Play-Doh are essential for children’s experiences.

While 34 percent think modern kids need to have a skipping rope, and three in ten believe a train set and musical instruments are important.

Dan McKay for BargainMax, which commissioned the research to launch its nationwide competition offering a lucky winner a year’s worth of toys, said: “There are some great toys on this list which are more than ideal for your kids this Christmas.

“This study shows a wide variety of toys are what is needed to really help a child’s development – and they don’t always need to be expensive.

“Most of the toys listed are those which enable children to explore, role play and use their imaginations.

“Something as simple as a football, doll or science set can really aid a child in learning more about the world, themselves and the people around them.”

The study found an overwhelming 71 percent of adults think a toy should be fun – but six in ten also believe they should be creative and imaginative.

Similarly, 61 percent think toys need to be educational as well as entertaining.

As many as 62 percent of adults will be buying toys for children this Christmas – with Lego, puzzles and teddy bears likely to be the most popular purchases.

Other children look set to enjoy gifts such as dolls, building blocks and dinosaurs.

The research, carried out via OnePoll, found parents plan to spend around £260 on each of their children to make their day completely magical.

And kids receiving gifts from people other than mum and dad will have something to open worth around £28.50.

Construction looks set to be the most popular toy category for shoppers, followed by arts and crafts, puzzles, and action figures.

But in addition to their Christmas stocking this year, winners of the BargainMax competition will receive the latest toy bundles to test out throughout 2022 – including items from spooky magic sets to toy cars.

Dan McKay added: “We wanted to bring a little joy to some little people throughout 2022, in addition to Christmas time.

“We recognise not all children are lucky enough to receive lots of different types of toys, and we’re hoping our donation will make a real difference to the winners.

“In addition, they’ll get to share the experiences of playing and testing out the toys, and their comments will be used on our social channels.”

To enter the competition and find out more information, please visit here.


  1. Lego
  2. Bike
  3. Teddy bear
  4. Puzzles
  5. Building blocks
  6. Football
  7. Play-Doh
  8. Skipping rope
  9. Musical instruments
  10. Monopoly
  11. Scrabble
  12. Train set
  13. Dress up
  14. Connect 4
  15. Construction set
  16. Dolls
  17. Science set
  18. Etch A Sketch
  19. Scooter
  20. Marbles
  21. Tricycle
  22. Guess Who
  23. Dinosaurs
  24. Mr Potato Head
  25. Roller skates
  26. Microscopes
  27. Rubik’s cube
  28. Snap!
  29. Car track
  30. Camera
  31. Magnets
  32. Magic set
  33. Fisher Price telephone
  34. Games console
  35. Kerplunk
  36. Mouse Trap
  37. Skateboard
  38. Coding kit
  39. Jewellery sets
  40. Smartphone

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