Tons of Babies Were Named ’Kale’ and ‘Kiwi’ in 2018

Kale isn’t limited to a salad bowl anymore! In fact, in 2018 the cruciferous veggie was one of the trendiest baby names gaining popularity, joining other food-centric monikers such as Kiwi and Clementine.

According to BabyCenter’s annual list of the most popular names of the year, new parents were particularly interested in giving their little ones names you can taste. The leading pregnancy and parenting digital resource attributes the rise in food-forward names to a similar increase in popularity in clean eating trends and the paleo and keto diets among Gen Z and millennial parents.

“Parents are inspired by the things they love as well as the sound of a name,” Linda Murray, BabyCenter’s senior vice president of consumer experience and global editor in chief, said via a press release. “In the past, we’d look to the Bible or royalty for name inspiration. Today’s parents turn to other sources. We’ve had two decades plus of ‘unique’ names, and anything goes. It’s not like the days when every other baby was named Jessica, Jason, or Jennifer.”

When choosing baby names that reflect their love of healthy foods, parents looked to fruits, vegetables and even spices. So what were some of the most popular foodie monikers? For girls, Kiwi, Kale, Maple and Clementine were all of the rise. In fact, Kiwi and Kale saw a 40 percent and 35 percent increase year over year, respectively, meaning the sandbox could soon start sounding like a grocery store.

What’s more? Herbs and spices inspired names for both girls and boys in 2018. Saffron and Rosemary were up 31 percent and 20 percent for girls, respectively, while Sage was up 15 percent for boys, meaning these names were much more popular in 2018 than in years past.

And food wasn’t the only thing on parents-to-be’s radar last year. BabyCenter also reported an increase in names inspired by the Kardashian-Jenner clan. More specifically, some parents of girls took cues from Kylie Jenner as Stormi, the name the 21-year-old gave her daughter with Travis Scott, saw a 63 percent increase.

Others looked to Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna as Dream, their daughter’s name, rose 42 percent. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Saint also leapt 42 percent, while Reign, the name of Kourtney’s third child, gained 27 percent.

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