Thomas Markle Accuses Meghan Of Believing Lies, ‘The One Thing They Told Me Never To Do’ Per ‘Daily Mail’

Thomas Markle has been silent recently about his estranged relationship with Duchess Meghan, but that all changed with a new interview that he gave to the Daily Mail. As usual, his goals were twofold: To beg Meghan to contact him again, and to dispel rumors with the truth.

A couple of times, the dad accused Meghan and Prince Harry of doing the one thing they told him never to do, which is to “believe the lies.” In one instance, Thomas described how “I’ve pleaded with [Meghan] to pick up the phone. I wrote her a two-page letter and sent it by certified mail via her representative in Los Angeles. I asked her why she was believing the lies.”

While Thomas didn’t clarify exactly which lies he thinks the royal couple believes, there were several that he wanted to clear up during the interview. One was about a rumor that said that he faked his heart attack to get out of the royal wedding. Some believed this to be true because of the embarrassment he suffered after he was caught selling staged photos to the paparazzi. He produced medical bills to prove that he was indeed in the hospital after two heart attacks. A second lie that he denied was that he was the one leaking stories to the tabloids with a negative spin on Meghan.

Of course, some of the lies that Thomas wanted to clear up would be lies that Meghan already knows are lies. For example, Thomas wanted everyone to know that he and Meghan had a very close relationship before she met Harry. Secondly, the dad clarified and gave the proof he had that he attended Meghan’s first wedding and walked her down the aisle along with Doria Ragland.

Thomas previously expressed similar frustrations at the media stories that have been published about him. One time, he penned an article for the Daily Mail where he did a similar task of identifying lies being spread about him and explaining the truth. He’s also taken time during past interviews to clear up the facts, as described by the Inquisitr.

This need to redeem himself, in a way, could be Thomas’ greatest hindrance as he hopes to renew a relationship with his daughter. After all, many people believe that the reason that half-sister Samantha was able to convince Thomas to accept money for the paparazzi photos, was that she told him it would help reshape his public image.

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