This Will Be The Worst Part Of The December 2018 New Moon & You’re Probably Already Feeling It

OK, I know what you’re thinking. First of all, what now? Secondly, how could a new moon be negative? Here’s the deal, stargazers: this highly-anticipated lunation will be fully loaded with planetary aspects, which is why I’m going to reveal the worst part of the December 2018 new moon. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to prepare, right? Now, I don’t want you to read this and start panicking, on the contrary. This is still a wonderful opportunity for you to set intentions, expand your horizons, and begin again. After all, the new moon will be in the sign of Sagittarius, and there’s nothing this sign loves more than a little adventure.

Sagittarius, aka the sign of the archer, is ruled by lucky Jupiter, planet of expansion, abundance, higher learning, and all things related to the "bigger picture." What I mean by that is, Sagittarius doesn’t give a sh*t about the petty details. This fire sign is hungry for real-life experiences, and the unknown in general. In fact, for those of you who are friends with a Sagittarius, maybe now you’ll understand why they suffer from chronic FOMO. This fire sign cannot fathom the thought of "missing out," which is precisely why they prefer taking risks, traveling, and schmoozing their little hearts out.

OK, now back to the new moon. I will remind you, new moons are the most potent phase for planting seeds, which is why our ancestors used to work with the phases of the moon, to help determine plant growth, along with everything else that could naturally occur throughout their lifetime. Today, there’s such thing as stellar indigo children, aka millennials, who actually take the time to set their intentions, and just so you know, it works every single time. The answer is yes, my Pluto in Scorpio generation. New moon magic is in fact real, so you best take advantage of this cosmic energy!

However, before you do so, let me give you the 411 on both the overall meaning along with its obnoxious aspects, that could potentially get on your last nerve.

New Moon In 15 Degrees Sagittarius

First thing’s first: How can we use the energy of the almighty and uber optimistic sign of the archer? Well, depending on where Sagittarius falls in your birth chart, is where you will be given an opportunity to take a risk.

Now, when I say take a risk, I’m not referring to going skydiving or bungee jumping; although, interestingly enough, those are two very Sagittarius-like activities. What I mean is, where are you willing to take a chance? This new moon says, reach for the stars and take a leap of faith.

The beauty of this energy is, anything’s possible. When Sagittarius points its arrow, it shoots toward the sky, which is equivalent to infinite possibilities.

The Worst Part Of The New Moon

OK, let’s talk about the cons. For starters, the fact that this energy is so enthusiastic and confident, is what ultimately makes it that much more challenging.

The new moon will be making a square to Mars and Neptune, who just so happen to be in dreamy Pisces. Now, this energy is extremely creative, intuitive, and magical, but it can also be totally ambiguous, elusive, hazy, and deceptive. See where I’m going with this?

There’s more. Mars is the god of war; therefore, its energy is aggressive, impulsive and hot-headed. In Pisces, however, this warrior-like energy can easily morph into a restless, passive-aggressive scuba diver.

So, WTF happens when we combine Sagittarius’ can-do attitude together with Pisces’ ethereal ambiguity? I know! I know! A cosmic cluster f*ck? Sigh. I hate to break it to you, stargazers. Yes, the opportunities are indeed waiting for us, but we might have to deep dive through the fog of confusion, deception, and unnecessary ego trips, to find them.

Venus is in envious Scorpio, so this could come with some ugly truths, in regards to your values, relationships, and spending habits, too.

Luckily for us, Jupiter is on our side, but even then, it’s important to have tact and not overdo it. Otherwise, nothing will ever be enough for Jupiter in Sagittarius. This planet wants everything, and in excessive amounts. Stay grounded, friends.

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