This Video Of Chrissy Teigen & Luna Dancing To ‘Aladdin’ Is What Disney Dreams Are Made Of

If you follow Chrissy Teigen on any of her various social pages, you’re well aware that she can always brighten up anyone’s day with her classic humor or fun posts featuring her family. That was exactly the case when Chrissy Teigen posted a video of her and Luna dancing to a classic Disney tune that’s sure to have you smiling and singing along.

On Dec. 4, Teigen posted a video that’ll be the cutest thing you watch all day. In the clip, the Lip Sync Battle co-host and her daughter could be seen dancing around their living room to the tune of "A Whole New World" from Aladdin. Teigen was having so much fun with Luna, as she could be seen singing right along to every word and twirling her daughter around to the music. Basically, she showed that she could totally go toe-to-toe with her superstar husband, John Legend (just saying).

The TV host’s daughter, Luna, was more than ready to have a mini Disney dance party with her mom, as she was already dressed perfectly for the occasion with her princess outfit. Even though it wasn’t Jasmine-approved, her Cinderella costume shows that the Teigen/Legend family is always down for a fun Disney-themed hangout.

Based on her video, you could tell that Teigen and Luna were simply having a lovely time with each other. But, some naysayers on social media couldn’t help but ring in to try to rain on the pair’s parade. Not only did they criticize her for showcasing the helmet that her son Miles has to wear, but they also tried to bring down the Disney party, too.

She took to Twitter to explain to the "trolls" exactly why Miles needs to wear the headgear. Then, she followed that up with a cheeky message about her Instagram video with Luna. In short, Teigen isn’t here for any of their unnecessary trolling. She wrote:

As she said in a previous tweet of hers, she definitely doesn’t owe these "trolls" an explanation about any of her various, innocent parenting choices. But, it is always fun when she decides to hit back at all of their negativity with a little bit of her classic humor, like she did here.

Trolls aside, Teigen and her family clearly have a soft spot for Disney. So, it’s clear that there could be many more Aladdin dance-offs in the future. As ELLE Australia noted, the famous family was all smiles when they visited Disneyland in Hong Kong in March.

Luna got her princess on once again as she donned Belle’s classic yellow gown for the trip. That wasn’t the only adorable outfit she wore. Teigen posted a video of her daughter twinning with Minnie Mouse as she wore the character’s mouse ears for a meeting with the Disney icon.

While the trolls tried to criticize their fun, it doesn’t seem like it will really affect Teigen, Luna, and the rest of the family’s adorable love of all things Disney.

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