This tiny hotel room doubles as an exclusive sushi bar

This restaurant brings new meaning to “room service.”

The soon-to-open Sushi by Bou at Suite 1001 will be the first restaurant in the world to open up shop inside a hotel room.

Guests who make reservations check in at the front desk and get a key card that lets them into a 150-square-foot room on the 10th floor of Nomad’s Hotel 3232. Inside, sushi chef David Bouhadana serves a 17-piece omakase (a multicourse chef-chosen menu) for $125, including tax and tip, to just four patrons at a time. There’s even a “minibar,” where, for $30, guests can fill up on three different types of sake from soda fountain-like spouts.

The only thing missing is the bed.

“But it used to have one,” Bouhadana tells The Post.

It’s been replaced with a small sushi bar. Near the counter, there’s a small seating area for groups to hang out before or after their reservation. They can sip on the aforementioned sake or on cocktails, such as the Casa Yuzu (tequila, yuzu and cayenne honey), made on a 500-square-foot heated outdoor patio open for mingling year-round.

Bouhadana’s new concept is his latest partnership with hospitality company Simple Venue, with which he operates two other Manhattan sushi spots that use similarly small, underutilized spaces. For example, he says, his location beneath Midtown’s Sanctuary Hotel “was just a basement conference room until we came in.”

His strategy has financial perks — “We’re not going for prime-time real estate, which saves us a tremendous amount of money,” Bouhadana says — benefiting diners, too.

Bouhadana says the savings allow him to serve higher-quality fish, including several types of salmon, tuna, oysters and a still-alive orange clam he theatrically slaps to tenderize. Specialties on the current soft-opening menu include briny sea urchin, salmon roe and decadently fatty monkfish liver, which he calls the “foie gras of the sea.”

Although not yet technically open, the restaurant — which has six seatings a night — is currently booked through February.

So, what about the restaurant’s poor 10th-floor neighbors? Bouhadana doesn’t think he’ll be interrupting their good night’s sleep. The other rooms in the hotel are shielded by an elevator bank and stairwell, he points out. Besides, he adds, it’s “part of the New York experience.”

If all of this is starting to sound like a gimmick, Bouhadana is inclined to agree.

“It is absolutely gimmicky on paper, but when you come in and eat it this is a good value,” says Bouhadana. “The proof is in the tuna.”

Sushi by Bou at Suite 1001 opens for reservations at on Dec. 15 and is located at 32 E. 32nd St. It’s open seven days a week from 5 to 11 p.m. with the last seating at 10 p.m.


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