This Hilarious "Thank U, Next" Parody Starring Jeff Goldblum Is Ariana Grande-Approved

It’s a fabulous day in pop culture when the forces of Ariana Grande and Jeff Goldblum unite. For The Late Late Show, James Corden created a parody of Grande’s "Thank U, Next" inspired by Goldblum’s memorable film performances over the years. Goldblum had been on the Dec. 3 episode of The Late Late Show to promote his new album The Capitol Studios Session, but Corden wasn’t done with the actor and musician. The Dec. 5 episode featured Corden performing his take on Grande’s massive hit, called "Thank U, Jeff." The song honors Goldblum, complete with a video that also mirrors to the homages in the "Thank U, Next" music video. So while Corden may be showing his gratitude to Goldblum in the parody, the world really has the late-night show host to thank for this glorious pop culture gift.

Corden introduced Goldblum on Monday’s episode by saying "he’s a treat for my eyes … and not only that but a balm for my soul." And in case you had any doubt of Corden’s devotion, he double downed on the sentiment in "Thank U, Jeff." Instead of thanking four past boyfriends as Grande does in her version, Corden thanked Goldblum for four different movie roles: Seth Brundle in The Fly, David Levinson in Independence Day, Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok, and Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park. Of course, the always-game Goldblum joined in for Corden’s spoof and it’s truly a sight to behold.

While Grande recreated scenes from Mean Girls, Bring It On, 13 Going on 30, and Legally Blonde for her video, Corden didn’t tackle all four rom-coms. Instead, he stuck with the Mean Girls references (though he did slip a bend and snap in there). He’s got the Burn Book, the Winter Talent Show with four backup dancers dressed as Goldblum’s characters, and Goldblum hilariously channeling Amy Poehler’s/Kris Jenner’s Mrs. George.

Just as in Grande’s video, "Thank U, Jeff" is filled with little moments for observant viewers to pick up on. Like the fact that Corden writes in his Burn Book: "My Fly guy," "U RagnaROCK my world," and "Mrs. James Goldblum." He also referenced Big Dick Energy (the term that Grande’s ex-fiancé Davidson was partially responsible for bringing into the lexicon) with "GBE" — GoldBlum Energy. For comparison’s sake (and because you know you wanna watch it again), here’s the Grande video.

To add to the splendor that is this mash-up of all things pop culture, Grande has endorsed Corden’s take on her song and video. Grande is active on social media and probably would have responded no matter what since she has been sharing her excitement over other celebs’ appreciation of "Thank U, Next." But it helps that she and Corden have collaborated on epic Late Late Show segments before this, like "Carpool Karaoke" and their absurdly amazing Titanic soundtrack.

In response to "Thank U, Jeff," Grande tweeted, "omg…… may i please….. please for christmas have the thank u, jeff book? it’s for a friend. promise." But based on the ending of the parody, Corden is not going to give up his Jeff Book so easily.

Goldblum is one of the most beloved quirky actors of our time and Grande’s "Thank U, Next" is currently the biggest thing in music. So Corden combining these two majestic entertainment entities is just too perfect and he deserves his own "thank u."

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