This $99 e-learning bootcamp makes learning new skills more accessible than ever

The e-learning boom over the past few years has made learning new skills easier and more accessible than ever. Now, students can try their hand at coding, public speaking, digital marketing, graphic design courses (and oh so much more) taught by industry professionals, all from the comfort of their own home.  The proverbial cherry on top is that these immersive tutorials tend to cost less than the price of a single textbook.

A prime example of this is The Complete eLearning Lifetime Membership Bundle, a collection of a whopping 6,321 online lessons that span topics such as HR, management, accounting, coding, and game design. Consider it the be-all, end-all of online courses. It contains thousands of hours of expert-led coursework, complete with real-life case study examples, for you to work through throughout the duration of your career. And right now, access to all the training is just $99.

Intrigued about what’s in store when you enroll in? Ahead, we’re highlighting some of the perks of the subscription.

School of Game Design: Complete eLearning Lifetime Membership Bundle

Animal Crossing is all well and good, but as you played this year, you probably had a backlog of features in your mind that can improve and enhance the gaming experience. If that is the case, maybe it is time you dive into the world of game design, where you can ideate, develop, and design your own adventures. This bundle shows you the ropes, by going through both basic and advanced techniques on how to animate, code, and model your way to a 2D or 3D online game. It even comes with 200 hours of guided instruction, led by gaming experts with decades of experience in the field.

Cudoo: Complete eLearning Lifetime Membership Bundle

Meet Cudoo, the world’s first one-for-one e-learning community that boasts over 800 online courses on hot topics such as entrepreneurship, foreign language, and personal brand creation. The idea is that for every course you complete on Cudoo, the company will provide a free learning opportunity to those in need, allowing you to give back to the community as you learn your way through hundreds of hours of material. Plus, users will receive a personalized certificate as each course is completed, something that can beef up a LinkedIn profile or CV.

CyberTraining 365: Complete eLearning Lifetime Membership Bundle

In the world of digital security training, CyberTraining 365 is tops. Its comprehensive courses on analyzing malware, penetration testing, threat intelligence research, and reverse engineering has won a whole slew of awards, including the Cyber Security Excellence Award and Best Cybersecurity Education Provider. This is all thanks to its thousands of training models, which are kept up-to-date with today’s best technology and industry standards. Plus, all of the lessons are aligned with the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework developed by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE). When it is all said and done, you’ll understand some of the most advanced ethical hacking concepts with ease.

Skill Builder Pro: Complete eLearning Lifetime Membership Bundle

Hard skills, such as knowing how to create a pivot table in Excel or understanding how to launch a paid Facebook campaign, are only half of the equation when getting a job. The other, equally important thing to consider is your soft skills. Understanding how to think creatively, lead a group of employees, streamline productivity efforts and help cultivate a positive working environment makes a huge difference to how quickly and how high you can scale the career ladder. It’s why in-depth soft skills training, like this 300-part online course, exist in the first place. With it, you grasp how to best grow both personally and professionally.

Upskill: Complete eLearning Lifetime Membership Bundle

Rounding out the Complete eLearning Lifetime Membership Bundle is Upskill, a series of full-stack web development courses. The course anchors its learning around JavaScript, showcasing how to build apps for Android and iOS devices, databases, and subscription features through this popular computer programming language. Moreover, students will get to test their knowledge with real-life projects to better understand how these applications are built at some of today’s leading technology companies.

Valued at $12,709, the courses in this Complete eLearning Lifetime Membership Bundle are on sale for a limited time at just $99. Save 99% while you can.

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