These UK companies have been ranked the best for work-life balance

woman at work

We’re often told to strive for a healthy balance when it comes to work and rest – not too much of one or the other.

But while there are things we can do to tip things in our favour, the truth is that if your workplace’s culture is all toil and no fun, it becomes pretty difficult to attain equilibrium.

That’s often why people end up quitting – because you can’t schedule your way to happiness at a company that doesn’t care about your wellbeing.

And so to keep workers around, companies really do need to strive to give employees the freedom to have a better lifestyle.

Which offices are nailing that task?

According to a new report from Glassdoor, it’s the Office For National Statistics we should be applying for, followed by tech companies Softcat and Arm.

In a ranking of the best work-life balance provided, it’s no surprise that tech companies appear in the top ten.

For the past three years, tech has remained one of the leading industries for a healthier approach to work and free time, while hospitality, retail, and travel are falling short.

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