These poorly designed signs are hilariously unreadable

Say what? Hilarious snaps reveal well-meaning signs that have gone terribly wrong

  • People from the US shared hilariously poorly designed signs on Bored Panda 
  • From poorly laid out adverts to clothing, these messages are incomprehensible  
  • One person spotted a hilarious warning signs reads: ‘Don’t bee open outside’ 

All it takes is one ill-thought through phrase or stray typo to completely change the meaning of a sign to something unitentionally hilarious.    

People from around the world snapped photos of food packaging, protest placards and health and safety signs with messages that got lost in the execution. 

The best examples, shared in a Bored Panda gallery, include a sign on a window that reads: ‘Don’t bees open outside’.   

Another signs trying to encourage people to donate blood achieves the opposite, reading: ‘Don’t save a life, Be afraid to give blood.’

People from all over the world have shared funny signs they’ve come across in a gallery by Bored Panda. Pictured: a sign that’s meant to encourage people to donate their blood, and achieves the opposite 

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One person believed to be from the US shared this sign on a window asking not to open it, which reads dangerously confusing 

One person believed to be from Europe shared this sign which is more eco-friendly than it is to read 

The lack of punctuation on this sign makes it look like it’s warning passers-by against ‘extremely slow children’ that are playing, instead of telling cars to go extremely slowly 

This basketball fan from the US poked fun at this advert, which looks like it’s promoting ‘non action’ and ‘stop excitement’ 

Bad taste! The reduced tag on this friend chicken makes it look as it the label reads ‘guaranteed reduced quality ‘ not the best selling point 

 In the US, an exasperated passer-by caught a glimpse of their hometown’s Christmas parade sign which was very poorly designed 

This designer hoodie from the US is meant to read ‘diamond,’ but instead, it looks like the message spells ‘ I am Dond’

In Melbourne, this message being this person’s complicated tattoo design ended up being a bit hard to read 

This movie announcement for a local cinema in the US mixed the name of two movies – There Will be Blood’ and ‘Definitely Maybe’ and almost reads ‘There will definitely be Blood Maybe’ 

An unfortunate design flaw on this sign makes it look like it spells ‘Jesus Scares’ instead of ‘Jesus cares’

This sign is made of three parts, but if read horizontally, it reads: ‘he she have we shiva’ and ‘her him share us you’

If you’re looking for ‘School Supplies’ you might have a hard time finding the proper section in this store, believed to be in the US 

This sign makes it look like people need to eat the food left on this table, but actually, it means the opposite 

It is ironic that this person’s tattoo should read ‘never trust the living,’ because they clearly shouldn’t have trust the tattoo artist responsible 

One person believed to be from the US shared this sign, which is meant to read ‘When I dip, you dip, we dip’

One person from Vancouver said they ere unable to compute after coming across these complicated signs 

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