These Celebs Slayed Halloween 2021

Halloween is that one night of the year when participants cast their true persona aside and try on a new identity for the evening. They may take on their fears by dressing up as something spooky, mythical, or occult, ramp up their sexy by dressing up as a sultry alter-ego, or flex their referential funny bone. Halloween costumes give one a chance to frolic in the “what if,” and some of our favorite celebrities took full advantage of the opportunity.

While grand celebrations are still at a bit of a small scale due to the ongoing pandemic, that didn’t deter these stars from pulling out all the stops to spend the evening transformed into some of their idols, favorite characters, mythical creatures, ghouls, or goblins.

From full-scale movie makeup and professional effects to home-crafted family costumes, celebs morphed into one-night-only alters on All Hallow’s Eve. Take a look at some of our favorites below.

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