These adorable animal pictures will bring a smile to your face

Simply a-PAW-able! Social media users share sweet animals snaps to warm the heart – from a newborn lamb to a ‘nurse dog’ who checks on other pooches at the vet

  •  Bored Panda has rounded up photos of adorable animals from around the world
  • The sweet snaps are sure to put a smile on your face and pull at your heartstrings
  • One shows a mare who lost her baby nuzzling an orphaned foal she adopted
  • Another features a ‘nurse’ dog who helps out around a veterinary clinic 

From a tiny woolly lambs to a horse who adopted an orphaned foal, these adorable animal photos are sure to warm the heart.  

The images were shared on social media by people around the world and collated in a gallery by Bored Panda

Among the animals featured in the snaps are a dog who is celebrating surviving cancer, and a tiny kitten snuggling up with a baby.

Another picture shows a foster dog who’s been rescued from a bad situation finally sleeping on a cosy bed for the first time in her life.

FEMAIL rounds up the most adorable animal photos you’ll ever see… 

After giving birth to a stillborn baby, this mare from the Netherlands was matched with an orphaned foal. This image taken an hour after they met shows how quickly they bonded

This little baby lamb is just 15-minutes-old in this photo, and learning to stand on his tiny baby legs – just too adorable!

A veterinary clinic in the US knows how to make its patients feel paw-some: it has a special ‘nurse’ dog who comforts sick animals 

Terminally ill patients at a hospital in France are comforted by Peyo, a 15-year-old stallion. Scientists are studying his ability to reduce patient anxiety and comfort those in pain

They say dogs are man’s best friend, but this donkey from Colorado, who was reunited with his human after the pair were separated by a fire that swept through their town, is just as friendly

This sweet rat, who lives in sunny California, just can’t stop grinning after being given some delicious pasta to enjoy!

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Looking for a friend: This fox pup from the UK is a regular visitor to this house, tapping the window with his paw to get attention

This adorable German Shepherd took on cancer, and beat the odds to beat the serious illness before taking to social media to share the good news

Beaming: This pup from the US was delighted when his human bought him his very own armchair so he has a comfy spot for relaxing – but the cat looked less than impressed

An adorable, tiny, ginger kitten from the US loves to snuggle in the lounger with his human sibling every time he has the chance. This pair will surely grow up to be great friends

It was smiles all-round for this pooch, who looks proud as punch with his new prosthetic leg, which he had fitted at a specialist animal hospital in Colorado

After being rescued from a hoarding situation in the US, this eight-year-old dog was finally able to snuggle down in a bed, indoors, for the first time in her life

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