The strangest of Postmates deliveries in 2018, from sending Chrissy Teigen 200 limes to saving Valentine’s Day

Ever wondered if you were ridiculous for thinking that Postmates judged you based off your delivery? Your fears might be true.

Postmates has been keeping tabs on your weird cravings and released some of 2018’s most interesting so far. Their couriers have delivered from more than 200,000 restaurants, boutiques and shops in the U.S. and Mexico, so you can rest assured knowing there’s at least one other person out there who had a more bizarre order than yours. 

From having a $3,400 dress delivered to the restaurant a customer was eating at because she had dirtied her own dress to seeing a dramatic spike in Russian food orders in May when Robert Mueller submitted questions to the White House regarding the country’s election interference, Postmates has seen it all. 

The delivery company also comes in clutch when you may have forgotten that Feb. 14 was Valentine’s Day. Oops.

One customer in North Carolina had the courier company save his night from ending horribly.

“I need you to save my Valentine’s [expletive]. I need a dozen flowers, some form of stuffed animals, balloons, and a big box of chocolate,” the customer ordered, Postmates said. “Don’t call me, my partner can’t know. I trust your judgment and by saving my [expletive]. I’ll tip you huge.”

In October, Postmates received a very specific order for birds. Specifically, “the dopest and most colorful of the fake birds that they keep with the floral stuff and vines. They should be 3 inches and up in height. Go ham.” 

See a list of even more quirky Postmate deliveries, by date, condensed from Postmates’ release:

January 1st
After orders of alcohol spiked 164 percent on New Year’s Eve, a third placed hundreds of orders for Tylenol, Advil, and Pedialyte on the 1st.

January 31st
Someone ordered $1,000 worth of Taco Bell, about 332 items.

Speaking of tacos and burritos: 72% of Chipotle’s customers will buy repeatedly through the end of the year. “Lookin’ at you Kyle Kuzma,” Postmates said.

February 4th
On Super Bowl Sunday, orders from Buffalo Wild Wings tripled.

February 14th
Deliveries included date night dinner and sex toys. 

March 17th
Postmates accidentally dropped off five bags with 200 limes instead of the five limes Chrissy Teigen ordered from John Legend’s Postmates account. Six hours later, she shared photos of the 3 delicious lime pies she made.

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