The 5 unusual signs of deadly melanoma revealed as Khloe Kardashian shares huge scar | The Sun

KHLOE Kardashian has revealed a huge scar after suffering her second melanoma.

The reality star showcased the jagged mark in the Season 3 trailer of the Hulu series, The Kardashians, premiering on May 25.

She previously suffered the same skin cancer when she was 19, having surgery to remove it from her back.

But Khloe did not notice the symptoms of the new one until seven months after she first spotted a small bump on her cheek, which she assumed was a zit.

Melanoma can cause a variety of symptoms, with many not well-known.

From crusty skin to uneven moles with a mix of colours, knowing what to look for could be lifesaving.

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The deadly condition affects 16,700 Brits a year, making it the fifth most common cancer in the country.

Experts say spotting it early is vital for successful treatment, with surgery able to stop the disease’s progression.

New spot on the skin

Not all melanomas look like a mole, with some appearing like a new spot.

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Experts warn if a spot starts to change in size, shape or colour, it could be a sign of the disease.

Spots that look different to other ones on your skin — the “ugly duckling sign” — are another symptom, according to the American Cancer Society.  

Mole with an uneven shape or edges

Non-cancerous moles are normally circular with round edges. 

In contrast, melanomas are often asymmetrical, with jagged sides or one half bigger than the other.

Having a mole that looks uneven could be a sign of melanoma, meaning it could be worth talking to a doctor about.

Large mole

Melanomas are usually significantly larger than regular moles, which are typically small in size.

The cancerous growths can be as large as 6mm wide.

However, some can be smaller as well.

Mole with a mix of colours

Cancerous moles often have a mix of two or more colours.

They can have different shades of brown or even other tones depending on the colour of your skin.

It is important to check to see if your moles appear uniform in colour to help identify any melanomas.

Moles that change over time

Spotting changes in your moles could also help identify skin cancer early, according to the NHS.

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A mole that changes size, shape or colour may be a melanoma.

Swelling, bleeding, itchiness or crustiness could all also point to the disease, the health service says.

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