Texas Woman Arrested for Allegedly Leaving 50 Pounds of 'Human S—' Outside of Police Station

She was charged with illegal dumping.

A woman was arrested last week after she allegedly left buckets filled with — as she reportedly put it — “human s—” in front of a police station in Electra, Texas.

The wild affidavit for arrest warrant comes from Law&Crime, which states an officer at the department witnessed “someone putting something” in front of the building on or around November 10. When the officer went out to investigate, he allegedly saw a person “in an all-white HAZMAT suit with a yellow mask” walking back to their SUV.

“He attempted to ask what they were doing and a female stated that the buckets were human s— and she was dropping them off,” reads the report, which adds she then got into her vehicle and drove off.

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After reviewing the footage, Lieutenant Christopher Kelmer “recognized the voice” as that of Mindy Stephens — who he had allegedly spoken with earlier in the day “in reference to the buckets of ‘human s—.'”

The Police Department then reached out to the City Administrator — who is also a fireman — as Stephens is reportedly the wife of the town’s Assistant Fire Chief. The Electra Volunteer Fire Department also shares the same address as the police station.

“[The City Administrator] stated he would call and request she come pick up the buckets or that she could face charges,” reads the report, which then states the Administrator wound up contacting a wastewater employee to pick up the unwanted donation as Stephens “called him and refused to retrieve the buckets” herself.

She allegedly stated it “was not her problem.”

Police disagreed, charging her with illegal dumping of more than five pounds and less than 500 pounds, a Class B misdemeanor. Per the affidavit, “Mindy left 3, 5-gallon buckets, approximately 15 gallons total, of Human Waste with an approximate weight of 50lbs.”

The arrest warrant was executed on December 1st and she was booked the same day. Stephens was released December 2 on $2,000 bond.

TooFab has reached out to Chief of Police Terry Wooten for comment.

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