‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Kailyn and Jo Finally Hash Out Child Support Drama

Making things right? After giving Jo Rivera the silent treatment since he filed for child support, it’s time for Kailyn Lowry Opens a New Window. to finally talk to him on the Monday, April 8, Teen Mom 2 Opens a New Window. episode. Jo’s wife, Vee, called her and asked her to come over to talk so everyone could get everything off their chests, and even though Kail didn’t want to, she agreed for Isaac’s sake.

She decided to bring Chris Lopez for moral support and went into the meeting hoping that she could just pay Jo back for the child support he overpaid without owing in the future. Kail’s talk with Jo and Vee wasn’t filmed, but she met up with MTV afterward at Isaac’s basketball game, where she filled producer Patrick in on the details.

Jo was low on cash because he started his own real estate business, and said he needed more financial help with Isaac than he did before. Kail could understand that, but since she had recently started her Pothead Hair Care business, she didn’t have as much sympathy for him. They seemed to come to an agreement that she’d reimburse him for the child support he’d paid out, but what happened in the future was still to be determined.

“I’m torn, because it’s like, ‘I understand that you need a little bit of help for Isaac,’ but it’s like, ‘I didn’t start this business for you,’” Kail said. “Imagine if I went to Chris, Javi or Jo and I was like, ‘Hey, I started this business, and now, I don’t have money for the kids.’ Could you imagine?”

Nova’s Problem With Devoin

After Briana DeJesus Opens a New Window. ’ daughter, Nova, missed out on plans with her dad, Devoin, she was bummed that he wasn’t showing up to see her when he said he would. However, she told her mom she felt too uncomfortable to bring it up to him and said she felt it was her fault for not calling to check if he was on his way. Briana, of course, reminded her daughter it wasn’t her responsibility.

“He’s doing better, but obviously Nova needs more from him,” Briana told her mom. “He’ll come a few months, be around, leave for a few months, disappear.”

When Briana came over to check out Devoin’s new apartment, she decided to talk to him about what Nova said, and he wasn’t surprised because he knew he didn’t see her enough.

Jenelle Goes to Court

Jenelle Evans Opens a New Window. and Nathan Griffith Opens a New Window. ’s court case about Kaiser involving Nathan’s mom is coming up, and they’ll finally find out if she can be named an intervenor to keep Kaiser safe from possible abuse. Nathan wants to fight for custody, but feels like he’s stuck in limbo.

After the court date, Jenelle filled mom Barbara Evans Opens a New Window. in on what happened. The courts still have to look over their situation, but Jenelle did find out that Nathan wants to file for full custody, and she wasn’t convinced that he’d be able to get it, especially since the CPS case related to the situation with Kaiser had long since been closed.

Later, the granted Nathan’s mom the right to be intervenor, which meant Nathan could move forward with his custody case — and with Jenelle having so many CPS cases opened against her in the past, he thought he might have this one in the bag.

Teen Mom 2 airs on MTV Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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