Tayshia’s Dad Is Not A Fan Of All ‘The Bachelor’ PDA This Season

It’s hard to believe that it’s already that time of the Bachelor season once again — the final four are about to embark on their hometown adventures with Colton, and that means family introductions. All of the women have the right to be a little nervous about bringing a new guy, who just happens to be a former NFL player and The Bachelor, into their homes, but Colton has made it clear that he’s just as nervous. And it seems like he’s particularly nervous about meeting Tayshia’s parents on The Bachelor, who are very protective over her for good reason.

The mutual nerves are no secret between love birds Colton and Tayshia. They were open and honest about their apprehensions at their adorable home cooking one-on-one date in Denver. But, the preview for the hometown episode shows her dad seemingly unimpressed. There’s a lot more context that fans don’t yet have, but they do know that Tayshia is extremely close with her father. "To the man that has taught me so much about life, through GREAT times and some tough love.. You’re are wild one but I wouldn’t change that for the world!!" she wrote on Instagram for Father’s Day. "Happy Fathers Day Pops!! #twins#daddysfirst#iloveyou."

On Feb. 12, she tweeted about how her parents are watching this season, and her dad’s having a hard time witnessing all the Tayshia smooching. "Favorite thing to do after #TheBachelor airs: Call my mom so I can die of laugher while she tells me about my dad hyperventilating every time I kiss Colton," she wrote. As if Colton wasn’t nervous enough already.

Funny comments aside, Tayshia was upfront with Colton about the possibility of her dad’s apprehension, but reassured him that he would ultimately be accepting. And Colton made it clear that he cared about her dad’s thoughts.

"I know the last time you were with somebody, it didn’t end the way [your family] probably envisioned it," Colton said to Tayshia on the show, referring to her past divorce. "So, do you think, you know, if I meet your family, like, are they ready for this?"

Following a distinctive clearing of the throat, Tayshia opened up about her dad. "I think my dad might be a little apprehensive, a little closed off," she said. "But it’s just because he’s very protective over me. I think the way that my last relationship ended was really hard on my family, especially my dad. And I think that’s because he knew how hurt I was and how much I went through. Like, if I’m trying to be in his shoes, it sucks as a dad to see your daughter go through things like that and to know that you can’t really protect her, and try to like, stop all the hurt."

Colton asked if her dad would be ready for another man to come into her life. "I think my dad might have a little hesitation at first and ask some questions," she said. "His personality type is to be kind of a hard-ass." Colton agreed that his dad was the same way, but was persistent in acknowledging that he needed her dad’s blessing before proposing.

"I know that my dad, he’s probably gonna ask like a ton of questions and see how you’ll work through things, but I don’t see him not being accepting," she said. She told him that their happiness together is too obvious to discount. "I don’t think he’ll be able to deny that," she said.

So much is on the line for Tayshia and Colton, and her hometown could be the factor that makes or breaks their relationship. To meet her parents and get to know them better, tune in to The Bachelor on Monday night at 8 p.m. ET.

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