Taylor Swift Drops First Re-Recorded Track, 'Love Story,' Ahead of Full Album with Bonus Material

The full re-recorded release of Taylor’s second album, “Fearless,” is coming April 9 (if Easter Eggs are to be believed) — including never-before-heard bonus tracks “from the vault.”

Taylor Swift could have satisfied her rabid fans with a simple re-release of her earliest albums — an effort she is undertaking to gain full control of all of her music — but instead she’s doing them one better.

Or in the case of her second album, “Fearless,” she’s doing them six better.

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At midnight on Thursday, Taylor dropped what will be the first of many, many new-not-new releases with the re-release of her smash 2008 country hit “Love Story,” appropriately retitled, “Love Story (Taylor’s Version).”

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But before that release, which was accompanied by more mature vocals than her 18-year-old self could pull off on the original, Taylor whipped her fans up into a frenzy by revealing not only the release date for the entire “Fearless” album, but that it would include 26 total tracks.

The additional six tracks are being pulled from the archives, with Taylor revealing that these were songs originally considered for the platinum edition of the album that ultimately didn’t make the cut.

“I’ve now gone back and recorded those so that everyone will be able to hear not only the songs that made the album but the songs that almost made it,” Swift told GMA. “The full picture.”

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This means that this isn’t modern Taylor Swift music but rather music contemporary to the original album, which makes them even more special. After all, Taylor’s musical style has gone through multiple evolutions from country to pop to her current indie rock/folk vibe.

It also teases the possibility of more bonus tracks, adding value to each of the six albums she intends to re-record. Fans will get their chance to check out the old and new music on April 6, if they’re interpreting her latest Easter Egg (random-seeming capitalized letters in her accompanying statement) correctly.

You can check out Taylor’s full statement ahead of the release of “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” below:

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