Starbucks Is Expanding Its Airport Experience — and, Um, Gate Delivery Sounds Incredible

Good news for frequent flyers: Starbucks is taking its airport game up a notch. Earlier this month, the coffee chain announced an expansion of its airport licensed business model, as the company plans to add Paradies Lagadere, OTG, and HMS Host as operators of its airport locations across the U.S. The goal, according to Starbucks, is to expand into more airports and terminals and “[lay] the groundwork for future innovation.”

What might that “future innovation” entail? Think: new store concepts, like “a ‘pop up’ Starbucks with digital capabilities outside your gate at the airport, ready to deliver your favorite beverage — in whichever stage of your journey.” Um, does that mean a Grande drink could be delivered straight to my gate? Game. Changer.

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