Stacey Solomon unveils lavish pool table in ‘Cluedo Room’ for Joe’s 40th birthday

Stacey Solomon has been busy completely overhauling the 'Cluedo Room' at the sprawling family home she shares with fiancé Joe Swash and their children.

Loose Women star Stacey, 32, has been documenting her progress as she gets to work transforming the room into a designated 'man cave' ready for Joe's upcoming 40th birthday.

Having recently painted the entirety of the room, mum of four Stacey has now got to work adding all the finishing touches to the stunning space.

So far, she's created an amazing home-made juice bar for the room, and has been busy adding several personal touches throughout.

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She's now taken to her Instagram Stories give fans an update on her decorating progress, and it's safe to say Joe will be more than impressed on his birthday.

Stacey began by explaining to her 4.9 million followers that she'd sourced the perfect cupboard handles for the room.

Holding up a small silver door handle in the shape of a fish, she told her fans: "I only found some fish handles didn't I", before jokingly adding: "He might never be able to actually catch a fish when he goes fishing but at leats now he has some fish in here to enjoy", alongside a laughing face emoji.

The TV star then admitted: "I didn't think I would but I actually love them."

However, Stacey soon released how large her task was of replacing every single handle in the room, and returned to her stories to chat to her followers.

Sitting on the floor in front of one of the many cupboards, she quipped: "There's so many bloomin handles in here I feel like I'm under the sea."

The adorable cupboard handles were just the beginning of Stacey's plans however, and later on she revealed she'd purchased a lavish pool table for Joe's new room.

The 32 year old couldn't contain her excitement as she filmed the new table being installed, and told how it was going to be a huge surprise for Joe as she'd convinced him he wouldn't be getting one.

Filming the enormous room, Stacey wrote: "I convinced Joe he wasn't going to get one I convinced myself as well to be honest", alongside a laughing emoji.

The mum of four then admitted: "But it's his 40th, I know it's his actual dream for in here and the big boys and you guys said it would a sacrilege if I didn't put one in here".

Once the enormous pool table had been installed in the centre of the room, Stacey got to work adding the finishing touches.

She hung up a holder for the pool cues on the wall, before setting out the balls on the table in a perfect triangle.

The star couldn't resist having a go herself, and she revealed she'd had a quick game of pool with her two year old son Rex.

An excited Rex could be seen standing at the end of the table as Stacey gushed: "Rex was very excited by it.

"I need to find him a mini cue and a little step. Today I finally finished and hung up the cues and the triangle."

She continued, jokingly telling her followers: "I mean I had a go and I might change my name to Stacey O'Sullivan."

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