Sophia Morris Unveils Braille Jewelry in Honor of Father Stevie Wonder (Exclusive)

She just balled to say I love you.

Sophia Morris has a very special piece of jewelry in honor of her father Stevie Wonder.

The Motown legend’s daughter unveiled a gorgeous necklace she had specially designed and created which spells out the word “love” in braille.

“I wanted to do this for so long,” said Sophia, who is currently developing a new charity for blind young people. “The vision was for it to be inspired by the work that I’m doing with children who are visibly impaired.”

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The piece, which features 12 vvs diamonds set in 14ct gold, was designed by jeweler Boodaddy Diamonds, who also took inspiration from a similar tattoo on Sophia’s wrist.

“It is so creative,” she gushed. “I also have a tattoo here but you know I figured let’s do it double time.”

Sophia is one of the nine children Wonder shares with five different women.

The Rhythm & Blues, Rock And Roll, and Songwriters Hall of Famer has been blind almost from birth; braille is a connection Sophia and her father share.

“Anyone can learn that language,” she said. “And we should all have that universal love to just understand where people are and to meet them halfway, and to understand their experiences and to possibly even experience it themselves.”

“And that’s what I’m looking to do. To like bring people together through that.”

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