Snaps show moments where people wear clothes that fit environment

Shirt happens! Hilarious snaps show unintentional clothing mishaps – including a man who wore a ‘dead mouse’ T-shirt to Disneyland

  • Hilarious gallery shows people’s accidental ‘glitch in the matrix’ moments
  • Snaps from around the world show woman blending into hotel walls  
  • Fan of DJ deadmau5 looked red-faced when he met Minnie Mouse at Disney
  • Man was pictured having a nap in a top emblazoned with ‘I like to party’  

From four strangers wearing exactly the same outfit, to a woman who ‘blended’ into her hotel room, social media users have been sharing hilarious snaps of people who happened to wear exactly the right thing at the right time.

The entertaining fashion snaps from across the globe, which were collated in an online gallery by TheDaddest include a man who wore a ‘dead mouse’ T-shirt to meet Minnie Mouse.

Other snaps show a boy in a ‘Kiss’ t-shirt while sitting on a chair with an ice-cream on, making it look like Gene Simmons was enjoying the treat.

Another shows two men sitting together in a bar, who had ‘cookie’ and monster’ shirts on respectively.

Here, FEMAIL reveals the best snaps, including a man having a nap in a ‘I like to party’ t-shirt…

These pink ladies walking along a pier seemingly have no idea that they’ve both dressed to impress in exactly the same outfit

What are the chances? Four passersby who appear to be waiting for the bus look like they’ve been to a stripy shirt convention 

This schoolboy has no idea that Gene Simmons from popular band, Kiss, was mopping up an ice cream on the back of his seat

Poor Minnie! This fan of the DJ deadmau5 clearly didn’t think about were he was heading when he got dressed in the morning

These unlikely Muppets coincidentally made a joke that any Jim Henson fan would appreciate

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People never like to be outdone with their outfits, but this woman wasn’t banking on matching with the hotel she checked into

That’s one way to claim a best friend! One girl looks uncomfortable as another, who loves cats, talks animatedly

True to his word! This party pooper certainly lived up to the words etched on the front of his shirt by taking a good old snooze

Groundhog Day! Another celebrity fan wore a famous face to a restaurant and bumped into none other than Bill Murray

In a less smiley meet, Christopher Reeves didn’t appreciate the dad-joke of wearing a superman suit underneath a suit. The actor is best known for playing the role in the 1978 film and its sequels 

When a hero meets his match, this pair of not so subtle security guards are the exact opposites of each other

This chap in the back of a Mazda truck is preaching for others to be safe while hurtling down the road unprotected

The unfortunate egg stain placement is the hilarious reason for this T-shirt appearing as though a bird has had a little accident 

Not only do dogs look like their owners, but this owner and his pet both look like the clothes he’s wearing too

The most appropriate shirt possible for the most unfortunate situation when a boat crashes into some reeds

This enamoured fan seemed to manifest exactly what he wanted from the decorated Hollywood director

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley cuddles up to a small fan while he’s dressed in a top stating ‘I only date models’ 

In a cruel twist of fate, a sleeping piglet is faced with a man with a sign on his T-shirt that says, ‘I love bacon’… hopefully the pig can’t read

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