Shopper shocked to receive delivery of tiny sex toys from Wish

Shopper receives an X-rated delivery that leaves hundreds in stitches: ‘I’m never ordering from them again’

  • A woman was shocked to receive a delivery of tiny sex toys from Wish
  • The order included an array of teeny adults toys including vibrators and whips 
  • She shared the X-rated gaffe to Facebook sending hundreds into hysterics 

A woman received a shocking surprise when she opened her risqué delivery of sex toys she had purchased from budget online retailer Wish. 

Posting to Facebook, the shopper shared an image of the package she received containing a plethora of tiny sex toys hardly big enough for a Barbie doll. 

Dozens found the mix-up hilarious with some wondering how she didn’t realise the adult toys were miniature before ordering them while others thought they were ‘cute’. 

A woman was shocked to discover her racy online order of adult toys actually came as miniature versions hardly big enough for a doll

‘Sex toys for hamsters?’ a post to Facebook group What I Asked For VS What I Got read with an image of the tiny toys including teeny handcuffs, vibrators, whips and blindfolds. 

‘This is the last time I order anything from Wish,’ the poster added. 

It’s unknown whether the woman thought she was ordering normal sized toys or received a completely wrong package but hundreds still thought the gaffe was ‘hilarious’.

One woman said she’d love to turn the little gadgets into earrings while a second thought they were adorable. 

‘Mini things are so cute though, would be cute on a keychain,’ another agreed. 

The online shopping gaffe sent hundreds into fits of laugher as many joked about how ‘cute’ the tiny toys were while others wanted to make earrings and keyrings out of them (stock)

‘But now I want to order it more just because it’s cute,’ a member replied while another laughed: ‘Honestly…it’s true to size of my ex’s.’

‘Who knew Barbie was such a freak huh,’ quipped a third. 

Others were confused by the online shopping gaffe. 

‘I’m wondering how much this person paid some of the stuff in here I can’t even figure out what it is…I’m just wondering if the price gave any type of hint that the items weren’t going to be of usable size for a person,’ one woman pointed out. 

‘It’s 8am and I already think this is enough Facebook for today,’ another joked.  

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