Scott Krulcik, 22, Dies At Desk At Google’s NYC Headquarters

Scott Krulcik, a 22-year-old software engineer, was found unconscious and unresponsive in the Google’s New York offices on Friday, December 7. A janitor found him at his desk at approximately 9 p.m. on the sixth floor of the Google building situated at 111 Eighth Avenue near West 16th Street, per ABC 7. EMS workers tried to revive Krulcik, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities stated that they do not suspect any foul play. Krulcik’s body did not show any signs of trauma, nor were there any indications that any criminality was involved. New York Post also reports that police sources stated that the Google employee did not have a history of medical conditions or substance abuse problems. The city’s Medical Examiner will perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

According to Linkedin, Scott Krulcik began working at Google in August after serving as a software engineering intern in May 2017. Originally from Saratoga Springs, Krulcik graduated from the local Saratoga High School and graduated third out of 547 students that year. He then went to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh where he excelled.

Krulcik seemed to be a well-rounded individual. He was a 2nd degree black belt in Kyokushin Karate, and was one of the organizers for the TartanHacks software hackathon which will be held in February 2019. His Facebook cover image shows a healthy, toned, and tanned young man taking a hike in the woods. His online resume says that some of his interests included hiking in the Adirondack Mountains and tracking wolves in Yellowstone National Park.

His last public Facebook post shows someone who cared deeply about his community. He shared a touching tribute to Pittsburgh in the wake of the city’s 2018 synagogue shooting. He expressed sadness for the place that was his home for almost four years of his life.

The software engineer lived in Manhattan’s West Village on the fifth floor of the building, with a roommate who was also a Google engineer. Krulcik and his roommate both graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. A neighbor said that “They were like two peas in a pod.” Neighbors were shocked by his sudden death after moving into the building only last fall.

“Oh my gosh. That’s so sad. I ran into him from time to time in the hallway.

“He looked just like he did in his photos. Such a nice, young, vibrant man.”

Krulcik’s Twitter feed also portrayed the young man who had a close relationship with his mom.

The investigation remains ongoing.

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