Schoolgirl battling alopecia can’t stop smiling after hair transformation

A schoolgirl couldn't stop smiling after she was given a 'life-changing' hair transformation that allows her to "do cartwheels without fear of her wig falling off".

Ella Palmer, from Blyth, Northumberland, is among the one in roughly 1,000 youngsters in the UK who are affected by alopecia universalis.

The 10-year-old lost her hair around two-and-a-half years ago and shortly after, lost her eyebrows and eyelashes too.

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Sadly, the young gymnasts' confidence was knocked and her mum Sarah said Ella was "scared, embarrassed and suffering with anxiety".

Now, she will be starting the new academic year with a "shining" new look thanks to a new "hair system" from Novo Cabello Hair.

In the video, which has gained more than 12,000 likes, Ella became the first child to undergo the non-surgical hair transformation.

But once her new look was revealed, she couldn't stop smiling and fans of the page praised her "stunning" new look.

Rob Wood, director at Novo Cabelo, said: "When I first had a consultation with Ella, her first words were she wanted to do cartwheels without fear of her wig falling off.

"It really hit a nerve with me and we were very eager to look at the ways we could support her, in a non-intrusive way for such a young scalp.

"Ella is the first child client that we’ve had at Novo Cabelo and it has opened up a whole new market of opportunities for us to showcase our services and make a real impact on young lives."

Ella was also given a mini makeover by make up artists Amanda Bell, including new eyelashes and eyebrows.

The youngster was said to be "blown away" with her new look, with Ella's mum and the artists all fighting back tears.

Ella's mum, Sarah Palmer, told Chronicle Live: "Until you go through it yourself or live with someone who has Alopecia, it's hard to imagine how it feels.

"It was awful to watch my little girl go from a bubbly confident child to feeling scared, embarrassed and suffering with anxiety at such a young age due to losing all of her hair.

"It was really worrying, really frightening, because obviously as a mother you don't know why it's happening. We had a little bit of time to think about it.

"Her hair system has given her options, comfort and confidence. I can’t thank Rob and Amanda enough for making her feel so special during the transformation.”

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TikTok viewers immediately took to the comments to praise Rob for his "life-changing" work.

One user said: "You are not a hair stylist you are an artist. you just changed that girls life."

Another added: "Awwww look at her shining!!!"

A third wrote: "She’s so beautiful! Her reaction made me cry."

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