Saturday’s winning Lotto numbers for £7.5million jackpot

It could well be your lucky day if you have the winning numbers for tonight’s National Lottery jackpot, a whopping £7.5million.

That cash could be handy for Christmas shopping this year and help all your dreams come true.

You can live the life of an A-lister with a flashy new car, exotic holidays or you could splurge on designer gear.

It’s a triple rollover tonight after no one claimed last Wednesday’s £5.3million prize.

Lotto draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday before 8.30pm.

You can buy tickets online at the lottery website.       

Tonight’s winning National Lottery Lotto numbers are 6, 23, 36, 38, 43 and 48. The bonus ball is 17.

Tonight’s National Lottery Thunderball winning numbers are: 11, 12, 29, 31, 33 and the Thunderball is 05.

Or, if you hurry, you can bag your ticket at most newsagents before 7.30pm.

Visit our website later to find out what the winning numbers are in the Lotto, Lotto Millionaire Raffle and Thunderball draws.

The Millionaire Raffle creates one guaranteed £1million prize and 20 guaranteed winners of £20,000 every draw.

The jackpot prize will always change depending on the number of players in a game, other prizes remain fixed.

While a player must match all six numbers main numbers for the jackpot, entrants can scoop £1 million for  matching five numbers and a bonus ball.

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