Ring-of-fire eclipse to spark 'daunting new beginning' astrologers say

Astrologer issues warning ahead of this weekend’s annular eclipse – says ‘ring-of-fire’ event will spark a daunting new beginning

  •  Astrologer Rose Smith claims big things will come from solar eclipse
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Eclipse season kicks off this weekend with an ultra rare ‘ring of fire’ which will usher in a ‘daunting’ ‘new beginning’, according to astrologers.

The annular solar eclipse will be seen from the US with eight states being treated to a once-in-a-lifetime show.

Speaking to FEMAIL intuitive astrologer Rose Smith said while the eclipse won’t be visible in Australia, as it will occur at 4.55 on Sunday morning, but its energy will be ‘lifechanging’.

Rose Smith says the eclipse will kick off a series of new beginnings 

‘Sunday’s (October 15th) solar eclipse acts as a reminder to slow down, reflect and look inside ourselves,’ she said.

She added when the moon casts its shadow upon the sun across several countries around the world, many of us could feel a deep transformation.

‘While we won’t physically witness this event in Australia, we will feel its spiritual ramifications and it may feel a bit daunting,’ Ms Smith said.

‘Everyone will be affected to some extent, even if we can’t see the actual eclipse.’

‘The solar eclipse is in Libra – inviting introspection. It’s a time to appreciate how far we have all come, especially regarding relationships with others, justice and fairness.’

The energetic impact will even play a part in the outcome of political events over the weekend, the astrologer claims. 

What does the ring-of-fire eclipse mean for me? 

Aries (March 21 to April 19)

The solar eclipse in your partnership zone is conjunct a heap of planets all in Libra, bringing much activity and communications around your significant and committed relationships. 

Old patterns and experiences may influence you to act in the usual manner, however sometimes it’s best to move on and adopt a new approach to an old problem. Women could be especially important to you now and existing arrangements regarding partnerships take a new turn. 

Casual relationships can transform now into more committed unions. Remember that in Libra’s eclipse, Aries’ flame burns bright, you’re an energetic cosmic dance and celestial delight.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

New beginnings are likely in work, health or general wellbeing. Everyday habits and routine could also have new procedures or arrangements. Self-improvement in both mind and body is likely on your agenda now and you may make decisions considering all points of view. 

Just be a little cautious here that you don’t compromise too much, but things should work out better as you are ruled by Venus the planet of love and justice.

Real practical or concrete manifestations are possible, especially in relationships. Venus is also the ruler of Libra and in Libra’s eclipse, Taurus finds a new dawn. Cosmic balance aligns and your destiny is drawn!

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

This Solar Eclipse brings an awareness of justice, love and beauty for you! Your creativity is likely to spark up along with potential romance!

You may live closer to the world of the child in some way, either through your inner child or with actual children. Drama, sports and entertainment could also be on your mind, so go out and socialise… have a fabulous time.

Leisure and pleasure is your name of the game now. However, don’t forget to put your brain in gear also, for beneath Libra’s eclipse, Gemini’s thoughts ignite, doing a celestial waltz with intellectual insight! So, pay attention to your thoughts because you’ll find some real diamonds to transform your life.

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

Great activity and opportunities around your home and family could present soon. You may turn your home into a beautiful peaceful haven for family and close friends to enjoy. 

Renovations, gardening and overall beautification is the name of the game for you. Your private and secure space becomes more important and relationships with women, particularly mother figures could feature. Your emotions are closer to the surface now so you may wear your heart on your sleeve moreso than usual.

Your subconscious is working overtime amid Libra’s Eclipse, Cancer’s emotions flow, doing a cosmic tango, to lunar shadows they go!

Leo (July 23 to August 22)

You likely have a ton of communicative and intellectual energy. Do write those brilliant flashes of insight down.

With so much activity going on in your house of local environment and distant family, there could be many long discussions with neighbours, cousins or siblings. Activity in your local area could also be a topic of conversation. Are you thinking about studying or just getting your paperwork organised? 

It is also a fabulous time for marketing and getting communications out into the world through advertising and other promotions. Under a Libran Eclipse, Leo’s Spirit gleams. Radiance gives light to your celestial dreams.

Virgo (August 23 to September 22)

Woo Hoo, watch for overspending! In Libra, this eclipse may influence you to buy beautiful but expensive items. However, you can also plant some financial seeds to grow and transform your future financial situation. 

New beginnings bringing real and concrete money manifestations are soon possible. Your values and beliefs may also change now so that money is no longer as important as it used to be. 

However, it’s still a great time to formulate a new budget and get your finances in order. It’s time to manifest your thoughts into practical reality. Virgo’s mind takes flight under Libra’s Eclipse, seeking cosmic secrets in the lunar night.

Libra (September 23 to October 22)

The solar eclipse with a heap of other planets in your sign, lightens up your life… finally! This is exciting for there are new beginnings all around. The way you approach the world, the manner in which others perceive you, your identity and appearance… all these and more are now up for renegotiation and physical transformation.

New makeup, new hair and new clothes are on the cards too as you align your authentic self with your physical appearance. You somehow appear more graceful and elegant than usual and other people notice! You exude charm and a refined majesty. Under Libra’s Eclipse, Libra’s love alights.

Cosmic passion ignites in celestial delight. You may be feeling much better than you have for a long time as you begin a new chapter in your Book of Life!

Scorpio (October 23 to November 21)

It’s quite a spiritual time for you now. This eclipse brings a ton of energetic rumbling to your subconscious, so do pay attention to your dreams and the little daytime ‘flashes’ that may waft across your mind. 

You may even find gold nuggets from the mental realms pointing towards changes in your life direction. Initially some of these changes may feel somewhat uncomfortable, however perseverance brings likely success. 

When you think about it, you then realise these changes may be long overdue. Scorpionic passions arise under this Libran Eclipse. Cosmic depths are unveiled glimpsing new exciting shifts.

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

New beginnings are likely now with groups, friends and connections. You could meet some lovely new friends or perhaps a sense of community becomes more important. 

So, get out into the world and socialise… have fun… attend events and shine.

Your hopes and dreams also get more attention, and you may toss out old worn-out dreams in favour of new and attainable aspirations. You think more about your desires in relation to others and how you can obtain what your heart truly desires. Seeking to achieve in a peaceful or beautiful way, you are realigning your egoic desires with that of your soul.

Amidst Libra’s Eclipse, Sagittarian Spirit soars high. In the celestial dance, you reach for the sky!

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 19)

Here’s exciting news you’ll want to hear concerning your career or life direction. Your public profile or reputation gets you noticed, and authority figures have you positively on their radar more than ever. 

They could be impressed with your capabilities including your ability to work hard and get the job done. You shine like the sun because the moon and the sun are in close connection and the blending of these energies in Libra brings smooth flowing relationships through lovely but often intelligent conversations. 

Life is likely going more smoothly than usual, and parents or authority figures are more helpful and disposed to your way of thinking. Capricorn stands strong and steady as cosmic balance aids your climb to goals so ready.

Aquarius (January 20th to February 18)

Feeling like a little vacay? Want to get away to far distant shores? Ask yourself ‘how can I expand my horizons far and wide now’. 

It is the time to broaden your vistas enlarging your vision of what life can be. You may travel, study or deal with people from other countries. Do something different, exciting or exotic now and this will bring some vitality into your life.

If you feel jaded or unmotivated, snap out of it! Walk a new way home, go to a different restaurant or meet new friends. The world is a big place so take a new stand in this ever-evolving sphere of possibilities. 

Grab those opportunities with both hands! In Libra’s eclipse, Aquarius breaks free. Cosmic winds of change, your essence we see!

Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

Deep compelling feelings may arise under this eclipse. However, you can use these as fuel to ground your heart’s desires into physical reality. 

Joint resources such as money, real estate or investments might also be on your mind, and you can make some changes now bringing in new financial beginnings. 

New levels of intimacy can also be reached, and it may feel like a long time since you experienced the depths of passion… go for it.

Feel what it feels like to be fully human and uniquely you. Beauty, love and romance may lay just beneath the surface, so start looking for what is rightfully yours.

Amidst Libra’s Eclipse, Pisces’ dreams take flight. Cosmic waters merge in the lunar night’s light.

‘It will no doubt signal some sort of new beginning around the Voice referendum (October 14th). Whilst some of us may be upset with the result, this eclipse encourages us towards equality for all – a hallmark trait for Libra.’

Most of the United States, Mexico, and Central and South America will be the lucky ones to experience the event.

An annular eclipse differs from a total eclipse because the moon doesn’t cover the entire sun, leaving the ‘ring of fire’ around the outside.

Australians won’t have the opportunity to see a total solar eclipse until July 22, 2028 

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