Rare 10p, 50p and £20 coins worth fortune – including Kew Gardens design

Rare coins are popular among collectors, but Brits could find certain change in their pockets too.

It's always important to check change as some of these rare finds could be worth a lot of money.

The findings are based on the latest Scarcity Index published by website Change Checker in August.

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It shows the UK's most sought-after coins in circulations in the past three months.

The coins are broken down into three sections: the rarest 50p pieces, A to Z 10p coins and £2 coins in circulation.

Here is the latest Scarcity Index broken down:

Rarest 50p coins – worth up to £156

The Kew Gardens 50p is top of the list once again so it's worth keeping an eye out for one of these coins.

It was released back in 2009 to mark 250 years since Kew Gardens opened in 1759 and there are only 210,000 in circulation.

The next coin is the 2011 triathlon 50p, which has climbed five places on the index.

Released as part of the 2012 London Olympics collection, there are around 1,163,500 of these in circulation.

These coins can sell for around £11 on eBay, however they have been given a collector's value of £8.25.

The Paddington at the Palace 50p climbed an impressive 14 places and if it's in good condition it can range between £1.24 and £1.43.

Two new 50p coins have also been issued in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee and the anniversary of Pride.

Ahead of the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend, the Royal Mint issued a further 1million Platinum Jubilee 50p coins into circulation, meaning there are now 2.3m out there.

This is too soon to make the 50p Scarcity Index, but it's likely they will cause a significant shake-up as more people discover them in their wallets.

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Rare 10p coins – worth up to £7.50

The 10p list is made up of the alphabet A to Z collection, released in 2018 and 2019 to celebrate Britain.

There are 26 coins in the set to go with the 26 letters in the alphabet.

Only 304,000 of each design is in circulation and they're incredibly rare to come across regardless of the letter.

The whole uncirculated collection could be picked up for £52 from the Royal Mint when it was first released.

As for the rarest coin, it is the R for Robin which was launched to celebrate the red breast bird.

Around 284,000 were released in circulation, and you can buy one from Coin Hunter for £7.50 plus delivery.

Next on the list is W for World Wide Web, which was previously in the top 10 on the last Scarcity Index.

Elsewhere on the index, the Fish and Chips 10p climbed 8 spots and has a collector's value of £3.

Rare £2 coins – worth up to £50

The top three coins in terms of the rarest £2 pieces are once again all from the Commonwealth Games 2002 collection.

But the Commonwealth Games Wales £2 has also bumped back up into the top 5 after coming in 11 last time.

The XVII Commonwealth Games £2 coins dated 2002 were created to mark the 17th games which were hosted in Manchester.

The most sought-after is the Northern Ireland version, followed by Scotland and England.

Other £2 coins to make it up the board is the Wireless Transmission coin which went up by 14 places.

Other coins to watch include the DNA £2, which has climbed by 5 places, and the Britannia £2, which climbed by 4.

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