Racy ‘7ft adult model’ shares bizarre fan requests from todger tease to $1m romp

When self-proclaimed '7ft giantess'Marie Temara started making her formeryearly salary in a week, it was a “no-brainer to pull the trigger” and embark on a much racier line of work.

The 28-year-old New Yorker ditched her stable 9-5 in October 2021, and began getting her kit off online. Now, Marie is about to celebrate her two-year anniversary as anadult content creator.

Admittedly starting off “pretty PG” when she first made the switch, now, “I pretty much do whatever. I do it all,” she revealed. And with her new-found confidence and blossoming fanbase, comes a torrent of weird and wacky requests. Marie exclusively told the Daily Star about some of her most kooky offers.

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“People say, ‘I’ll give you one million dollars to sleep with you,’” the sultry star admitted. But doubting the authenticity of the claims, and also earning a whopping £350,000 a week salary, the larger-than-life model said she gives the guys a hard pass.

Marie teases her followers and claims she’s a whopping 7ft tall, but in reality, “I’m about 6ft 2in and a half, 6ft 3in,” she said. Most of the requests come from guys on OnlyFans with a gigantism fetish – or macrophilia – who have a thing for big women, and in turn, being made to feel tiny.

“They just want to see me big, giant,” she said. “Someone asked me to dress up as a blueberry, they just wanted to see me as big as possible, puffing up. A big ball.”

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One guy even offered $75,000 (£61,000) to fly the brunette beauty across the country to his house to make a life-sized sculpture of her. Marie, however, politely declined.

In addition to the swathe of giantess worshippers, another cohort of fans have a thing for being humiliated. Marie, of course, was more than willing to oblige to their kinky requests.

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“It’s a lot of: ‘pick me up’, ‘step on me’, public humiliation d**k-related humiliations. Making guys feel smaller, because I’m so big,” she said. Other guys even pretend to be tiny dolls, begging Marie to “step on them and put them in between my toes and crush them.”

Marie comes from a long lineage of giants and can thank her parents for her towering frame. Dad is 6ft 3in, mum 6ft 5in, and her two brothers 6ft 9in and 6ft 10in respectively.

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Together, they make up the self-styled tallest family on Instagram. And just like Marie, both mum and one of her brothers have joined OnlyFans, making a killing from their lofty USP.

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