Princess Eugenie’s ‘kid is in for some fun moments’ – ‘laid-back mum’

Royal insiders discuss August Brooksbank’s christening

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Princess Eugenie gave birth to August Brooksbank on February 9, 2021. The Princess gave birth at the Portland Hospital in London by caesarean section due to her childhood scoliosis operation. She has shared an Instagram post on her account @princesseugenie to announce she is expecting again.

The post began: “We’re so excited to share that there will be a new addition to our family this summer.”

But what kind of parent is Princess Eugenie?

Angela Karanja, an Adolescent Psychologist and founder of Raising Remarkable Teenagers spoke exclusively to about the sort of parent the Princess of York is.

The expert said: “I believe Princess Eugenie is a very laid-back mum. What I mean by laid-back should not be taken as ‘not bothered’ or ‘not caring or involved’, but it’s the tendency to do what must be done whilst not necessarily stressing over it.

“For example, having her first baby pictures taken by her midwife shows how easy as a person she is.

“As you can imagine most new mothers would not have their pictures taken, let alone by their midwife.

“Being royalty, she could have waited for a proper photoshoot. But no! Eugene is like: ‘Here we are! I’m good to go – yes, I know you are my midwife, but I know you are also a human being with other talents, and I trust those too!’

“Also, saying Princess Eugenie is laid back doesn’t mean she’s a pushover or one that must follow family traditions, even those which don’t resonate with her.

“She knows she can make her own mark. Take for example, the decision to dress her new young son in blue.

“This shows her ability to parent with authenticity, a quality I believe will benefit her and her young child a lot.

“Also, because Princess Eugenie is known as a person who likes to have fun, this personality often correlates with dropping your guard and strict expectations for herself and others.

“For example, in that same Instagram post, she was outright acknowledging essential workers and specifically the midwife who took the photo.

“Some strict people may have been thinking ‘get on with your work and/or you do what you are here for’.

“This indicates she’s very likely to allow her young son to fully express himself as he grows up and will be very supportive of that quality.”

The expert expanded on whether Eugenie will be similar to her own mother’s parenting, Sarah Ferguson.

Angela continued: “I totally think she will continue being a fun mum. I think once you have experienced that feeling of authentic fun, you never want to go back.

“In addition, she’s with a husband who also loves to have fun. So, we have two peas in a pod, and I think it’s just a beautiful symphony and that kid is in for some fun moments.

“As Eugenie is from royalty and someone who’s very much on social media, one thing I’ve noticed is that the Princess is very public with her praise.

“This is towards her husband, her small child, and her mum and even as I mentioned above with essential workers and her midwife.

“People who have the attitude of praising and complimenting others add flavour and life to others.

“These people are usually very comfortable and confident in who they are. So, their son is fortunate to have a mother who freely praises and compliments.

“It looks like she has filled her cup and that’s why she’s able to pour for others because we cannot give that which we haven’t got and it’s from an overflow of love for self and acceptance that we can truly love others and compliment them.”

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