Princess Beatrice Revealed That Homeschooling During the Pandemic Was ‘Definitely Not My Forte’

Princess Beatrice shared details about her life as a homeschooling stepmom to her husband Eduardo Mapelli Mozzi’s 5-year-old son Wolfie as schools shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students were forced to complete their studies from home, with the help of their parents or caretakers, during this trying time.

Princess Beatrice has faced learning challenges throughout her life

Beatrice, the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, has faced learning challenges throughout her life. She was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 7. Dyslexia is a learning disability where a person’s ability to read, spell, write and speak can be affected. Those who have this disability have difficulty connecting the letters they see to the sounds they make, reported Web MD.

In an interview with Giovanna Fletcher for a Back to School digital issue of Hello! Magazine, Beatrice also discussed how she believed dyslexia was a “gift.” “I think life is about the moments; it’s the challenges that make you.” She also addressed her first pregnancy with Mapelli Mozzi and said that if her son or daughter is diagnosed with this learning disability, they would be “lucky. I really see it as a gift.”

She cited available tools for parents if their child has been diagnosed with dyslexia and shared that she believed it was “really important for every parent that they feel they are not alone in this. My husband’s also dyslexic, so we’ll see whether we’re having this conversation in a couple of months with a new baby in the house.”

Princess Beatrice spoke of the challenges of homeschooling

The royal revealed that the experience of working with Wolfie was “a learning curve” and that she realized “homeschooling, that was definitely not my forte! Not going to lie.” She added, “Sadly, I can’t blame that on dyslexia.”

Princess Beatrice spoke of how parents worked diligently to teach their children on Zoom and trying to homeschool their children on subjects they might not have been familiar with, something she was quite familiar with.

She said that, in a way, the pandemic helped foster a conversation about “change,” and she was grateful that even during this difficult time, there were resources available for children who were struggling to give extra support when needed.

Princess Beatrice wants to change the narrative surrounding dyslexia

The royal continues to talk about her dyslexia diagnosis and her past struggles as a student to change the narrative surrounding dyslexia. She said to Hello! Magazine that she was “inspired” to tell her story to turn what many feel is a negative situation into a positive.

“I really want to change the narrative around the diagnosis. Even referring to it as a diagnosis, I feel does a disservice to the brilliance of some of the most fantastic minds that we have. And I think just shifting the narrative a little bit towards something positive, that is impactful, I think can really help everyone,” she explained.

Princess Beatrice said to Hello! Magazine that throughout her school career, she felt “the odd one out” and “a little muddled” when learning. The royal revealed that she was hopeful that by sharing her story, she would help one person who received the news that they had the “gift” of dyslexia that they have “a fantastic opportunity to share some of these great learnings.”

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