Poundland is selling winter spice scented loo roll for Christmas

The discounter has launched two festive-scented versions of its Quantum range that promises to turn sprouty backsides "from gassy to classy".

And with a feast of rich food on the menu for Christmas Day, we can see why you might want to stock up on it.

The novelty toilet paper is part of the retailer's own brand range of bog roll and comes in two Christmassy smells, warm spice and winter.

We've not sniffed either of them yet but we expect to detect cinnamon, nutmeg and hints of ginger from the spicy paper – although we're not sure what effect "winter" will have on our nostrils.

You won't have to pay extra for the gimmick either because warm spice comes in a pack of four and costs £1, the same Quantum without the scent.


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The winter flavour costs £2 for a pack of nine which is the standard price for a pack this size from the budget store.

There are other makes of scented toilet paper, like Cushelle's fresh linen, but we couldn't find anywhere else that are stocking ones that smell like Christmas.

Two years ago, Tesco sent shoppers into a meltdown over their mulled wine scented toilet roll, but they've not made a comeback since.

Like most Christmas products, they're only available for a limited amount of time.

They're already on sale in Poundland stores across the UK but will only stay on shelves until Christmas Eve.

Earlier this year, the discounter started stocking rolls of branded toilet paper for £1 as a cunning way to boost the bottom line.

Tesco was also caught short after eagle-eye shoppers noticed that the hole in the middle had become bigger while the overall width had stayed the same.

In January this year, plush loo roll brand Velvet cut its three layers of paper to two without adjusting the price.

A frugal mum-of-three saves £100 a year by ditching loo roll and using cloths which she washes so they can be resused instead.

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