Plus size woman who received death threats finds love

Plus size woman who received death threats from men online because of her weight has found love with a boyfriend HALF her size – and says she’s never felt more confident

  • Sierra Mead spent years trying to slim down and cover up her size 20 frame 
  • She received death threats from cruel online trolls who called her a ‘whale’
  • Has finally found love with boyfriend Mason who is half her size 
  • Has embraced her 300lb frame and has learned to brush off the haters  

A plus size woman who received cruel taunts and even death threats from men online has now found love with a man half her size.

Healthcare professional, Sierra Mead, 19, from New Mexico, who weighs 300lbs (20st 10Ibs) and is a US size 20 (UK size 24), used to feel insecure about her body for years with her high school peers calling her names like ‘whale’ and ‘hippo’.

She spent years covering up her body and over-exerting herself during PE lessons at school, but gradually seeing other plus size women on social media flaunting their curves she was encouraged to do the same. 

Despite receiving comments from strangers online telling her she ‘deserves to die’, in March 2017, her pictures attracted the attention of her now boyfriend, Mason, who was wowed by her confidence and curves.

Sierra Mead spent years facing abuse about her weight from men online, but has now found love with Mason who is half her size

Sierra who weighs 300lbs (20st 10Ibs) and is a US size 20 (UK size 24), has now learned to embrace her size after spending years covering up

Sierra said: ‘I always thought I was too fat; I felt like I was secretly being judged by people all the time. I wore baggy clothes, I always sucked in my stomach and covered myself.

‘I mainly ate only salads, and always tried to prove my worth by my over-exerting myself in physical activities. I felt like a total outcast all the time.

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‘Of course, people in school would stare at me and sometimes it seemed like they were laughing too, but no one ever really made comments that I could hear.

‘Three separate times that I can recall, different guys called me whale, hippo, or fat b****; but I think they just picked up on my insecurity and weaponised that rather than it actually being about my size.

Mason and Sierra met online in March 2017 and say they instantly became ‘obsessed’ with one another with Mason describing his girlfriend as gorgeous 

After seeing other body positive women flaunt their curves online Sierra came for more confident and realised her own self-worth 

‘Seeing other body positive women online is what prompted me to take pictures and inspire others. Seeing someone whose body looked like mine or who was even bigger than me, made me realise my own beauty and self-worth.

‘Attractiveness is a spectrum, there is not just one form of beauty, that’s very important for everyone to remember.’

Mason, who is 165lbs (11st 11Ibs), says that he’s in love with her and their spark results in their amazing sex life. 

Sierra continued: ‘Mason and I met sometime in the beginning of March 2017 on an online dating site. He messaged me first and on the second day I gave him my number.

In high school Sierra (pictured when she was younger) faced cruel taunts from bullies who called her a ‘hippo’ and ‘whale’ and over-exerted herself in games class in a bid to slim down

And while Sierra is still subjected to cruel messages she says that she has learned to ignore them

‘The first time we talked I just knew he was the one and we became completely obsessed with each other from then on.

‘He was, and still is, such a smart, sensitive, funny, patient, talented, caring, romantic and kind man. I’m sure he would say the same about me because we are so alike.

‘He tells me about how beautiful he thought my pictures were and how genuine my profile was. My body confidence has benefitted our relationship; I’m not the type to ‘do it’ in the dark, or bashfully hide behind my top.

‘He’s not restricted from touching any part of my body, we are completely open and one with each other.

Sierra says that she and Mason are completely open with one another and he is not restricted from touching any part of her body 

Mason says that he loves Sierra’s soft curves and says that ‘any man would do a double take’

‘I’m sure there might be people who stare because he’s thin and I’m the complete polar opposite of that, but they sure aren’t obvious about it.’

Describing their relationship Mason added: ‘Her online profile first attracted me to Sierra; she was so bubbly, sweet and she knew what she wanted. When we started talking, we couldn’t stop till this day, and just look at her, she’s gorgeous.

‘I love everything about her body; she has such nice soft curves that any man would do a double take on.

‘When you’re truly in love, there is a spark that always creates amazing results when you figure out each other’s needs and different turn-ons, it gets crazy.’

Sierra has been told that she ‘deserves to die’ by online trolls who say they would laugh and celebrate when she ‘inevitably’ succumb to heart failure or diabetes

Advising others on dealing with online trolls Sierra says that if you are concerned, filter or block comments but most importantly let people live 

Despite Sierra’s new-found body confidence, she still receives negative comments online but says that she has learned to ignore them.

She continued: ‘People daily, sometimes several people multiple times a day tell me I deserve to die. They say they would laugh and celebrate when I ‘inevitably’ succumb to heart failure or diabetes.

‘It’s shocking to me how angry people can get at a fat woman on the internet, and how they think it’s even remotely okay to treat someone like that.

‘I used to argue back with them for hours, but eventually I grew out of it. I don’t have to justify myself to anyone who thinks they have superiority over me because they’re thinner.

Sierra describes Mason as a ‘smart, funny and kind man’

‘We’re all still human. My advice: filter comments and the ‘block’ button are your friends. I would say, just let people live.

‘Fat people know they’re fat, and we know the possible consequences that come with that; we are told constantly by family, doctors, people on the internet, etc.

‘You aren’t doing someone a service by bullying them, if they want to change, they should do so on their own terms.

‘It’s common sense to be a decent person and not involve yourself in another person’s life; especially if it doesn’t affect you or you don’t even know this person.

‘Specifically, body confidence is not promoting obesity. I hear that one religiously. Body confidence is for everyone regardless of size, colour, age, gender, height, disability, etc.

‘Body image issues affect literally every single person and it can even result in eating disorders. Loving yourself is more important than you will ever know.

‘So, for the people reading this I would say; get dressed up, do your hair, take some pictures, look in the mirror and just focus on what you like about yourself versus what you think needs to be changed.

‘At its core, body confidence improves people’s quality of life. It never was and never will be an ‘excuse to stay fat’.’


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