Playboy’s stunning Playmate of the Year dazzles in sultry snaps

In 2018, Jordan really hit the big time.

She was crowned Miss Black America New York after impressing judges with her activism.

The pageant winner is the founder of the Women With Voices charity, which “provides support, guidance and resources for women”.

Heartwarmingly, the non profit organisation also runs workshops and aids ladies who are battling cancer.

After landing Playmate of the Month last December, the model’s career went from strength to strength.

Jordan was awarded Playmate of the Year 2019, much to the delight of her fans.

On Playboy’s official Instagram page, a spokesperson wrote: “We are excited to share that Jordan Emanuel—December 2018 Playmate and Playboy Club New York Bunny—has been named our 2019 Playmate of the Year.

“Jordan embodies everything we value at Playboy: she advocates for equality and sexual freedom, she speaks out on what she believes in, and she’s committed to lifting up the voices of others.

“To celebrate Jordan and in honour of her serving as a Playboy ambassador throughout 2019, we are donating $10,000 to @womenwvoices, a non-profit organisation co-founded by Jordan that provides support, guidance and resources for women, and whose services include workshops, wig donations for women battling cancer, counselling sessions and more.”

The model’s followers were pretty chuffed by the news.

Many took to Instagram to share their excitement, with one commenting: “So proud of you.”

Another said: “You are such an inspiration.”

A third added: “Amazing! She is so beautiful and I love hearing her sentiments.”

In the latest issue of Playboy, Jordan revealed what winning the accolade means to her.

She hopes to raise awareness for diversity and women’s rights during her time as Playmate of the Year.

The model said: “Playboy featured the first black Playmate in March 1965, before the Voting Rights Act bestowed the right to vote on all Americans across our nation.

“This iconic brand, which displays the most beautifully liberated women, was letting America and the world know that black women were among that group.

“But America as a whole had yet to even acknowledge black people as equals.

“So for me to reach this accomplishment now—when, according to a 2018 NPR piece, black women are among the least desirable to date; when people continue to behave as if we are good enough to sleep with but not to go out with; that we are side chicks and not wives; that we are fetishes and not humans with feelings; that our melanin makes us less attractive—is an honour I will forever hold close to my heart, not just for myself but for all the other black girls who are left to question their beauty.”

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