Playboy Bunny recalls ‘special moment’ with King Charles

A Playboy Bunny notorious for being the “world’s hottest gran” has spoken out about the “special moment” she had when she met King Charles.

Gina Stewart has recalled the moment she felt her “heart would stop” after shaking hands with Charles, and described the royal as “very cool and fun”.

This meeting took place in 1981 when Charles and Princess Diana were touring New Zealand three months before they were set to marry.

Gina, who is now in her 50s and has become famous for her youthful appearance on social media, was only an 11-year-old student at the time while meeting the then Prince and Princess of Wales.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Gina has spoken about the “funny memory” she has of Charles, who managed to make her and her friends laugh.

Gina said: “Prince Charles and Lady Diana visited our oval and I got a chance to shake the Prince and Princesses hands.

“Before that Prince Charles rode my friends’ BMX bike around the oval in front of us smiling and laughing.

“They were actually very nice and took an interest in us all, so that memory has stood out for me as a special moment in my life as a child.”

Gina added that the King “actually came across as very cool” and very “politely” asked her friend if he could ride her bide.

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She said: “I was so nervous I thought my heart was going to stop shaking their hands.

“They came across as just really easygoing and cool as in hip with us kids, they were fun, friendly, happy and relaxed.”

Gina added that Diana was “childlike” and “beautiful” and loved being around all the children.

However, Gina has said she has a special message for the King ahead of the Coronation and said: “I wish Charles a happy and joyous reign and will be cheering him on in this special moment.

Gina now lives in Australia, and said she will be watching the Coronation on television and “celebrating at the Langham Hotel with some girlfriends.”

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