Pinched finger hack claims to help you find perfect lipstick shade

Want to find your PERFECT lipstick shade? Pinched finger beauty trick that’s claimed to help you find the right hue goes viral – but does it REALLY work?

  • Women on TikTok are matching their lipstick to their pinched finger tip
  • The hack went viral after a TikTok creator claimed it was popular in the 1950s 
  • Makeup artist weighs in on whether the pinched finger trick really works

Want to hunt down the perfect lipstick shade? Try this beauty hack that’s going viral on TikTok.

In the clip shared by the Underrated Simpsons Moments account, the content creator advised followers they could find their perfect hue by pinching the very tip of their finger and comparing it to lipstick colors. 

‘This was how women in the 1950s were taught to find their perfect shade of lipstick,’ the overlaid text read. 

While it’s unclear if it truly was a makeup counter trick in the ’50s, plenty of folks on TikTok enjoyed the beauty hack.

Want to hunt down the perfect lipstick shade? Try this beauty hack that’s going viral on TikTok 

One TikTok content creator urged their followers to get the perfect hue by pinching the very tip of their finger and then comparing it to lipstick colors

‘No lipstick color ever looks good on me it’s always way too bold even neutral shades close to my lip color. Guess I’ll try this next time,’ one commenter mused.  

However, not everyone appreciated the tutorial, as many people had learned how to match their lip color differently. 

‘I was taught to match the inside of my bottom lip. I’m sure I made some poor associate nervous,’ one person claimed. 

Another quipped, ‘That’s a lot easier than whipping your nipples out lol,’ as some women say the ideal shade is that exact hue. 

‘If you want a darker lipstick just wait 5 minutes,’ a popular comment read as another beauty lover joked, ‘Hold it long enough and your natural shade will be blue.’ 

Others thought the lipstick trick was more quack than hack, asking, ‘No because whose finger would actually turn half those colors?’ 

Another questioned: ‘Whose finger would ever turn bright red like the first lipstick?’ 

Women who are lipstick shopping are being encouraged to find their shade by pinching their finger

Commenters joked about the trick and some said theirs would be purple or blue

This was how women in the 1950s were taught to find their perfect shade of lipstick #makeuptips #lipsticktips #lipsticktutorial

Makeup artists are split on whether the beauty tutorial really works. 

Boston, Massachusetts-based makeup artist Carla B. told it’s a ‘great, easy way to find the perfect lip color,’ and works ‘because you’re seeing colors that naturally occur in your skin.’ 

According to Carla, it shows ‘the depth of your skin tone, your undertone, and how a pink or red looks against you,’ which ‘will tell you exactly what shades of lipstick look best on you.’

Cerre Francis, the co-founder & CEO of Ciele Cosmetics, is also a fan of the ‘fun and playful’ beauty trick, saying, ‘Anything that can help take the guesswork out of it is a win for me!’ 

Cerre’s go-to lipstick is Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire and Ice, a bold mix of hot pink and red that was first made in the 50s. She jokes, ‘You know I am going to be pinching my fingertips really hard!’

However, New York-based Drita Paljevic, Kevyn Aucoin Beauty’s head makeup artist, disagrees with the technique, and explains it could potentially pull through more blues and purples than intended.

‘Everyone’s lips are different colors, so testing out lipstick colors directly on the lips is going to give you the best match to your natural coloring,’ Drita advises.

Some makeup artists encourage people to try out the trick, while others think it won’t match your natural coloring

New Jersey-based hair and makeup artist Andy Cooper also dislikes the TikTok trend. 

‘The math is not mathing for me on this trend!’ he proclaims, asking, ‘Isn’t it just as easy and less aggressive to apply a little bit to the inside of your elbow or back of your hand to see how it looks on your skin?’

Andy suggests trying on the lip hue of your choice first, and explains, ‘Although this trend may work for fair skinned lipstick shoppers, I doubt it is advised for my deep melanin friends.’

‘If your finger turns the shade of a Chanel Mysterieuse please see a doctor!’ the makeup pro joked.

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