PetSmart Just Revealed an Unbelievably Adorable Line of Guinea Pig Halloween Costumes

If you have a pet guinea pig, expect to plan for a few costume changes this Halloween.

Long ignored by pet costumers, guinea pigs started getting outfits tailor-made for their tiny frames a few years ago.

This year, PetSmart is back with a whole new round of Halloween costumes made just for guinea pigs.

The batch of rodents onesies includes a mermaid, a unicorn, a shark, a superhero, a pineapple and more.



For guinea pigs who aren’t comfortable with their whole body being covered, there is also a classic witch’s hat option.

While it is only August, the guinea pig costumes for the October 31 holiday are already available online.

Almost all of the Halloween costumes are available at for $6.99, with the exception of the witch’s hat, which is priced at $3.99.

Have your guinea pig pick their favorite look now!

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